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  1. draws

    Vintage Military Re-Enactment Organizations

    I have noticed a goodly number of posting relating to the military era, from the Korean War back to the Civil War or even before that but have not seen threads dedicated to re-enactment organizations and their impact on post war fashion. I am wondering if there is any interest in a Forum...
  2. draws

    Vintage Mens Breeches Available

    I have a number of pairs of men's vintage riding breeches that I am willing to part with. I am just cleaning out my inventory since I no longer ride horses. All of these breeches are sized at 36" waist and 25" to 27" inseam and all fit to my size and are true vintage (flared) style. I am 6'...
  3. draws

    17 Stiff Edwardian Standup Collars

    I have a number of brand new white Edwardian/1920s standup collars that I wish to part with. There are 17 collars in all with the following sizes - 4-16 1/2", 10-17" and 3-17 1/2". They are stiff "Linen"-Cloth Laminate with Cloth Texture. Asking $25.00 for the lot. They are 1 1/2" high...
  4. draws

    For Sale - 1932 US Army Officer's Breeches

    I have listed a beautifull pair of MINT US Army Officer's Elastique breeches on ebay. They are ID's to a Col Foreman in 1932. These are in absolutely perfect condition. Lots of photos and a complete description as well. PM me if you have any other questions. Starting bid is set at $49.99...
  5. draws

    1930s Officer's Cavalry Boots - Size 10D

    I have listed a great pair of size 10D pre-WWII US Army Officer's Russett Brown Riding Boots on ebay and wanted to let you know that they are available. The calf size is 15 1/2 inches. The sole width at the widest point is 4 1/4 inches. NOTE: The stitching on the rear seam above both heels is...
  6. draws

    WANTED - Vest Pocket Watch

    I am looking for a good/nice working vintage Yellow pocket watch for my vest and wondered if there is anyone on the lounge who would be willing to part with one or who knows of someone who might have one. Gold would really be too expensive and know that watches are available a dime a dozen. I...
  7. draws

    My Vintage 40s Era Hunting Pants

    With 11 inches of new snow last night, it was time to pull out the old stand-bys, a pair of vintage wool Double-Ware Hunting pants. Warm and dependable for almost 70 years now.
  8. draws

    Military Sweetheart Pins pre and post WWII

    Prior to and during WWII, the families of military men wore a great variety of jewelry representing their loved ones branch of service, rank and/or military function. These jewelry items were known as Sweetheart Pins and worn as bracelets, lapel pins and broaches. I will follow up with a...
  9. draws

    Wanted - Vintage Riding Breeches

    I am looking for a pair or pairs of vintage 1930s-1940s era riding breeches for a pre-WWII mounted uniform kit. Specifically, I'm looking for khaki or pinks military cavalry cut breeches (UK or US). They should be in very good (usable) condition. Some specifications are: 36" waist 15"...

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