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  1. J

    Himel Canuck size 40”

    Selling a new never worn Himel Canuck size 40” in a beautiful medium brown oil tanned Shinki horsehide with navy blue Pendleton wool liner. Unfortunately doesn’t fit, so better going to a new home, where it will get some wear. The jacket fits true to size in my opinion, but for reference the...
  2. J

    Thedi wallet and belt

    Thedi wallet and attached lanyard for sale. Made from Veg tanned cowhide and measures 20cm x 10cm x 2 cm. Dark brown with brass snap lock. Leather lanyard 47cm. The wallet is brand new ( never used ) outstanding construction. Price £300 sterling and postage at cost. Prefer UK or Europe deal as...
  3. J

    Himel Canuck

    Hello everyone, selling a new never worn Himel Canuck size 40” in dark brown oil tanned Shinki horsehide. The quality, stitching and attention to detail is on another level. The jacket fits true to size in my opinion but for reference the measurements are as follows, shoulders 47cm, pit to pit...
  4. J


    Cyber Lip sent you a private message. Thank you
  5. J

    Freewheelers Brakeman Coats

    Hello everyone, selling Two lightly used Freewheelers Brakeman coats in size 38”. Both made from Japanese Shinki horsehide. No 1 Rude black. No 2 Canyon Brown. Both in excellent lightly used condition. The quality, stitching and attention to detail is really on another level. The coats fit...
  6. J

    D-1 Sheepskin Jackets

    Looking advice on what would be the best D-1 out there to buy but not at silly money. Hard to work out a size as well as they all seem to go in S/M/ L and I am currently a 38” in a Freewheelers Brakeman coat. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  7. J

    WTB Freewheelers Brakeman or Himel

    WTB a Freewheelers Brakeman Leather coat size 38" or a Himel Canuck 38"/40" or a RMC Car coat 38/40. Let me know if there is one out there for sale which had been lightly used. Thank you.
  8. J

    RMC leather jackets

    WTB, either a lightly used Joe Mc Coy, yardbird, wayward or Steinbeck leather jacket in size 38" ( assuming they fit true to size ) any offer private mail me please.
  9. J

    help needed please

    Hi folks i am looking the email address for avenuewebstore in Japan, most of the site is in Japanese, and just cant find it. Does anyone know if they respond to emails in English? Thanks for the help, J
  10. J

    Thedi Horsehide Leather Jacket

    For sale like new Thedi brown horsehide jacket. Selling only because of massive weight loss and it doesn't fit me anymore. This is a spectacular well sewn jacket as perfect as you are going to get. Seldom worn and spent most of its life carefully stored. Comes from a smoke free environment. The...
  11. J

    Leather Cafe Racer Jacket.

    Looking for an opinion re thoughts on whether a Cafe Racer type jacket RMC, Himel, Goodwear, Flathead, Aero and Eastmans etc are more suitable for lets say the younger member's of the Lounge as opposed to people like me who are more mature in age lets say 55 years upwards. I am talking for...
  12. J

    johnson leather

    Looking to sell two Johnson leather jackets both in Horsehide, Horween Vermont Expresso. Both in excellent condition but getting no wear. 1. is a M200 J, size 38" with zipped cuffs and breast pocket (all Talon zips. the price is £250. 2. is a Brakeman style jacket again in Horween leather...
  13. J

    Freewheelers Leather

    Wondering if anyone from the Lounge can help please?. I have been interested in a lot of design Freewheelers make in their leather jackets. However I have handled the Freewheelers Dustbowl in Auburn colour, but really don't like the finish. The leather looks (to me anyway), as if its finished in...
  14. J

    Freewheelers Switchyard Coat

    Does anyone here have experience as to the pesronal fitting of the Freewheelers Switchyard coat, just Freewheelers sizing is all over the place. I am normally a 40" but this jacket seems a good fit at 38" any advice greatly appreciated.
  15. J

    The Real Mc Coys Japan

    Can anyone tell me can you buy via mail order from the Real Mc Coys in Japan, or if you live in the UK must you buy via their London shop? If so how do you go about it as the page does not translate re their inquiry form?
  16. J

    A1 Style Thedi Goatskin

    Looking to sell my like new Cognac Goatskin A1 style jacket. In immaculate condition with Talon zip and attention to detail during make is second to none. Would prefer a UK or European deal so as to avoid any customs issues. It is a medium which is about a size 40" Looking for £470 plus shipping...
  17. J

    Pike Bros ANJ-4

    I see Pike Bros sell a ANJ-4, have any of you guys any experience as to its construction/durability?
  18. J

    Freewheeler's Neal Cassay Brakeman coat

    Has any you guys any experience of the Neal Cassady Brakeman Rail jacket in Horsehide by Freewheelers Japan. Want to know how they run in size, accurate or otherwise. What I do know they are an expensive piece of kit. Any help greatly appreciated.
  19. J


    Has anyone here had a new Vanson Enfield in recent time, just was wondering do they run true to size? Any help would be great.
  20. J

    Eastman's A-1 Capeskin

    Can anyone who owns an Eastman A-1 tell me please does the jacket run to size or small i.e. if you are a regular 40" say do you need a 42" any advice greatly appreciated as always. I have looked at their size indicator on their web page but hard to beat the personal touch.

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