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  1. H.Johnson

    WW2 RAF OA Service Dress Uniform

    There is a WW2 RAF OA Service Dress Uniform (1941 dated 'Airman's Simplified') on a market stall in the regular Saturday outdoor market at Leek, Staffordshire, for anyone who can get there. The jacket is generally good condition, but has one cigarette burn on the skirt. This is covered when it...
  2. H.Johnson

    London blitz

    It's 5.00 O'clock on the 7th September. Just 70 years ago the Luftwaffe bomber streams were over East London.
  3. H.Johnson

    Lost tweed exploration

    For me one of the most fascinating things about tweed is its association with a particular part of the er...British Isles*. As with local foods and drinks (e.g. cheeses, beers, ciders, apples) It is interesting to visit the places where such tweeds used to be made. You get to see a lot of...
  4. H.Johnson

    RIP Billy Millin

    Another WW2 hero has left us. Billy Millin, the legendary Piper who piped Lord Lovatt and his Commandos ashore on Sword Beach at Colleville has died. He is immortalised in the Longest Day story.
  5. H.Johnson

    Jungle gear test

    I have just spent a couple of weeks working in Malaysia, researching the Malayan Emergency of 1948-1960 (or the 'Anti-British Liberation War' depending which side you were on) for a book a guy is writing on the subject. As the work would involve several expeditions into the Malaysian primary...
  6. H.Johnson

    Odette Churchill

    The Imperial War Museum (North) currently has an exhibition about war-time French Resistance heroine and SOE undercover agent Odette Churchill that is well worth visiting. Hers is an amazing and inspiring story. She was captured due to a betrayal to the Gestapo in 1943, tortured horrifically...
  7. H.Johnson

    World War 2 smoke?

    I'm not sure if this belongs in The Connoisseur thread... I wonder if anyone has experience of smoking WW2 tobacco? A few weeks ago I bought a 1942 dated RAF OR tunic. Apart from reeking of mothballs and being very dusty it is in very good condition and has obviously been in storage for many...
  8. H.Johnson

    Humour about tragedy.

    The thing that makes me feel oldest and most out of touch with the social mores of the 21st century is the way people make fun of or even mock personal tragedy. I find it very tasteless to laugh at other peoples' great misfortune. Last night, my wife called me from my workroom to see a...
  9. H.Johnson

    Italian Summer Suit- Ermenegildo Zegna

    An Ermenegildo Zegna Italian summer suit in High Performance Worsted Wool (super 140s) extremely lightweight black fabric, SB three button, no turnups, European size 50 (to fit 42" chest 34" waist), hardly worn. It's yours for 30GBP plus shipping. First to PM me.
  10. H.Johnson

    de Havilland Comet Racer DH88

    Anyone interested in 1930s long distance air-racing and record setting (and aeronautical technology development) and is in the UK in June may be interested that the Comet Racer Project Group in Derby is hosting a Project Open Day on 14th June (1.00pm - 4.00pm) at Derby Airfield, Egginton...
  11. H.Johnson

    Retractable half-belt

    Its strange how things happen. Coincidence, synchronicity, seremdipity, whatever you all it. I am in the process of designing a pattern for a horsehide half-belt I am planing to make, (blatantly copied from an Aero). It's the conventional style, with a false (sewn down) halfbelt and buckled...
  12. H.Johnson

    City of Life and Death by Lu Chuan

    I was in China recently and attended a screening of The City of Life and Death bu Lu Chuan. I had previously seen one of his previous films (Kekexili) and was impressed (I'm not a movie critic). City of Life and Death deals with the 1937 Japanese attack on Nanking (known as the Nanjing...
  13. H.Johnson

    Nineteenth Century Explorers' equipment

    With apologies to those who post on it regularly, I feel that 'The Adventurers' Gear' thread in 'General Attire and Accoutrements' (sic) has become unwieldy and has moved away from its original focus of 'Golden Era' adventure and exploration wear and equipment. So I am presenting a thread for...
  14. H.Johnson

    Schott 'Aviator'-style Bike Jacket 42"

    For Sale - Schott 'Aviator'-style Bike Jacket 42" --------------------------------------------- I usually know exactly where the contents of my closets come from and the stories behind them, but I must admit I haven't a clue where I got this or how long I have had it! Anyway, it's seriously...
  15. H.Johnson

    Schott 115 'Police Jacket' 42"

    For Sale - Schott 115 'Police Jacket' 42" Yet another victim of age-related weight loss and closet clearance. This is a fine Schott 115 'police-style' motorcycle jacket in dark brown (some people call it 'cordovan') horsehide. At least this is what Schott told me when I bought it... This...
  16. H.Johnson

    Custom-made vintage 'CHIPS' bike jacket

    For sale ------------------------------------------- A custom-made bike jacket, modeled on a Langlitz (or was it a Tauber?) Let me explain. Almost five decades ago I was a motorcycle-mad young buck working for a famous manufacturer of motorcycle clothing. Pretty much heaven - can you imagine...
  17. H.Johnson

    Black DB Long Overcoat Melton wool - 40"

    For Sale --------------------------- Double breasted long overcoat in 22 oz black Melton wool with peaked lapels. St. Michael by Marks and Spencer. Fits a 40" chest roomily over a suit and will be around mid-calf length on a man six feet tall. Make like Johnny Depp (but don't rob...
  18. H.Johnson

    Levi's Vintage 507XX Jacket - 44"

    More casualties of my retirement-related closet clearance and age-related weight loss. This is a mid-90s replica of the 1955 Levi's 507XX jacket in red-selvedge first denim. It has all the features that you would expect from a LVC reproduction of that period (they tried really hard then)...
  19. H.Johnson

    Levi's Vintage 201XX Jacket - 44"

    For Sale - Levi's Vintage 201XX Jacket - 44" ------------------------------------------ You are probably familiar with the Levi's Vintage Clothing version of the late 1920s 201 waist overalls (jeans to us) in Number 2 denim with the sailcloth two-horse patch? This is much rarer - the jacket...
  20. H.Johnson

    Blue DB Blazer

    For Sale - Blue Blazer 40" chest A 1980s dark blue traditional double breated blazer by St. Michael (Marks and Spencer). 2x6 button fastening with flat, plain brass-finish buttons. Very wide lapels - a reasonably vintage look, with some flair to the waist. Too big for me now - 10GBP plus...