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  1. Maitiu

    Stetson Hats

    I'm hoping you experts can give me some advice on a couple hats from Stetson I'm debating on. First and foremost, is the 5x or 6x a high quality felt? I know nothing about what a 5x or 6x actually means other than it refers to the quality of felt? Is that right? Is there a big difference...
  2. Maitiu

    Pike Bros N1 Sizing Question

    Hello all, Has anyone purchased one of these recently that could tell me how these are sized? I have a 46" chest and was looking at the XL. But according to the aero website sizing, http://www.aeroleatherclothing.com/photos/257525d59d11d162_Screen%20shot%202013-10-15%20at%2016.png, it appears...
  3. Maitiu

    Blackened Brown Vicenza Horsehide same as Teacore?

    Greetings fellow leather jacket addicts. I'm in need of some information and opinions if the BBVH does the same thing as the Teacore leathers? And could anyone possibly tell me some of the best teacore leathers I should be looking for? Pics of either kinds of those leathers you may have...