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    Lace-up boot options for women

    I am hoping it's OK to crash into the guy's side. I am stumped in my search for lace-up boots, 20s, 30s style. I have an original pair that I'm loathe to wear out. The What Price Glory ones look nice, but I am not sure they make them small enough for women. I've also seen the Frye's boots, nice...
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    Vintage garage sale, Atwater Village, LA, Sat. Jun 7, 9am to 2 pm

    Collection of items from the 1930's to 1960's ~VINTAGE CLOTHING ~VINTAGE COLLECTIBLES ~HOUSEWARES ~FURNITURE ~NIK-NAKS ~MISC. ~AND MUCH MORE! 3253 La Clede Ave Los Angeles, 90039 http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/gms/708951223.html
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    A good summer hat

    Looking for something similar to the big floppy ones of the 30s. A repro would be better because I wouldn't worry about it so much. It's going to be a long, hot summer here in CA, so I need to find one that will offer plenty of shield. Anyone ideas ladies? thanks
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    Restoring an old trunk for storage use

    Restoring a Victorian trunk, keeping out moths Not sure where to post this, but I'll start here. We bought a wood Victorian trunk at a charity shop. A great deal and we'd like to use it to store our clothes that are most vulnerable to moths. Our house gets infested at times, but moth balls are...
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    A shoe mistake?

    I took some shoes into a shoe repair place here, he refinished them, but I'm not so sure I haven't just ruined the look of these shoes completely. The leather was worn at the toes. They look almost painted. I'm going back to pick them up today, but wondering if anyone has btdt? This is a...
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    Can anyone recommend a good tailor in LA?

    A friend is looking for one to adjust a modern tux. Thank you
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    More on Re-mix shoes

    One of the benefits of living in LA is that I can go to Re-mix. I hadn't been in there in years, but wanted to get some new shoes as every pair of mine are falling apart. I was very surprised to find that on a couple of styles, the leather seems pretty thin. In particular, Greta, and Brockley...
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    Hotsticks styling question

    I finally got my hotsticks and tried them out this morning. I rolled my hair dry and had trouble getting it wrapped around the sticks, so the ends look a bit odd. The wave is nice. Is there a trick to this? Should I be rolling the ends wet? Because it was easy to get a tight roll with sponge...
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    Speaking of hair, hotroller recommendations?

    I've got a small toddler, not much time to fiddle around, so some days my hair barely gets brushed. I'm wondering if I should invest in some hotrollers, not least because I hate sitting in sponge rollers all day long when we do go out for that rare event, or if I just want to look decent...
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    New to Fedora, seeking 30s hair help

    Hello ladies I'm new to the Fedora lounge, though I know a couple of names out there. Here's the thing, I have fine, mostly straight hair, just above my shoulders and it won't hold curl without overnight sleep in rollers, setting lotion. I mostly wear 30s, or as close to it as I can get, so I...