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    Custom Aero advice, please: 3rd times charm?

    So, after much hemming and hawing after my last post, I decided to go with the PHWYM in soft black steer. Fast forward a couple of months, I get a note from Carrie at TB saying that Aero is recommending goat hide for my order. I am not sure why… but now I am really on the fence. I want the...
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    Aero blackened brown or soft steer?

    I am back from my previous post. I’ve put a deposit on a custom Aero PHWM and just need to decide on the hide. The hide I like best is the battered steer, but I want black (not brown) which isn’t an option. I have narrowed to either the black or blackened brown Vicenza or the soft black steer...
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    Torn between two... Help me decide!

    Hi! I am new around here and looking for guidance on a new jacket. I have narrowed it down to the Schott 626vn and the Schott 519. I have everything I need for riding, so this is a more daily, non-armor piece. Ideally, I want soft but strong… with minimal break in time. I’m a little wary of the...