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    WTB looking for quality N1 Deck Jacket in a size 44

    Looking to purchase a Men's N1 Deck Jacket in a accurate size 44. Looking for a quality made item in very good to new condition. Not interested in anything made in China. Must be authentic in spec to original although preferably without the USN markings. Open on pricing as long as you'll accept...
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    Men's SAS Guardian Shoes, 10.5 Narrow, LN, black.

    These are a Men's 10.5 Narrow, SAS Black Oxford, #2070786, like new, smells new in original box. Leather uppers, non-slip tread, wore perhaps (5) times, just not my style. Made in the USA at San Antonio Shoe Co. These are a premium quality shoe, not your average Asian built items. Sized...
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    Men's Pendleton Wool Lodge Shirt, XL Reg.

    For sale is a Men's XL Pendleton Lodge 100% wool shirt. Color is called "Oxford Gray/Blue plaid, that said, I see Gray/Blue and Brown colors, It's in excellent + condition. Size is XL Regular. Numbers are AA037-31952-R. It's 9.7 oz., 100% Umatilla Virgin Wool which is machine washable. Only wear...
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    SM Wholesale still in business? Sizing questions....

    I e-mailed a request to SM Wholesale for further fit information on one of their N1 Deck coats. I've been waiting for a reply for a few weeks although without results. Are they still in business? I know things are different w/ the Covid although surprised with the lack of reply. Are their coats...
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    Womens Comint Black leather coat, Size "M", Argentina w/ Liner

    This is a very, very lightly used Women's "Comint" Black Leather Coat. Made in Argentina back in the 1980's, it's been in the farthest reaches of the closet for over 30 years. Size is a Women's Medium. Liner is a zip in vest style which is insulated. Condition is excellent, it's a very nice coat...
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    1980's USA made "Converse All-Stars", 10.5, VGC, Black Hi-Tops

    I purchased these in the early to mid 1980's and they have been in the closet for some time with marginal wear. They are Converse All-Stars, Hi-Tops in Black with white laces. The size is a Men's 10.5, Condition is very good, one is missing the (2) aluminum breather eyelets although I believe...
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    New Filson addition

    I've been looking for a spring coat with flexibility to layer a bit with and recently purchased the following;https://www.filson.com/ccf-chore-coat.html#sku=20131878-fco-000170250 Single layer in a very nice 12 oz. duck. I'm right around a 44 and purchased a Large according to their fit guide...
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    Thursday Boot Company; Vanguard

    Anyone with experience on this item? I'm considering a pair in the French Roast color in a size 10, some feedback I've read seems to indicate they run a bit narrow which is what I'm hoping for. Any other experiences with them as a company? Thanks, G.
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    Aero "Town" boots w/ Danite Sole ?'s

    Has anyone ordered a pair? I don't see a width mentioned, wondered if they run narrow, wide, etc.? Is the quality good? Are the sizes accurate? G.
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    FS; (3) Like New "L.L. Bean Long Sleeve Shirts, XL/Regular

    For sale are (3) "L.L. Bean" Long sleeve shirts, size is XL/Regular in a traditional fit. I received these (1) year ago as a present, had dropped some weight and they didn't fit. I've lost more weight and they're just sitting in the closet. (2) of the shirts were washed and ironed although never...
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    "Lee Valley Ireland", "Denim Gardening Jacket", XL although possibly mislabeled

    I purchased this jacket a couple years ago as I owned one before and liked it very much. It is made by "Lee Valley Ireland" and is a "Denim Gardening Jacket". It is labeled as a men's XL although I believe it's actually either a XXL Tall or possibly a XL Tall. For reference, I'm 185 lbs and...
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    SM Wholesale Navy N-1 Deck jacket

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    Rancourt Byron Boots

    I'm looking at the Rancourt Byron Boot in black although need some feedback on the company before taking the plunge. Anyone have experiences they would like to share? Fit, durability, customer service, etc. Here's the boot in question...
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    Grenfel UK jacket purchase, no reponse, suggestions?

    I'm very interested in making a purchase from Grenfell in the UK, I provided a completed form, supplied all information and asked a few technical questions about the jacket I wish to purchase. No reply. When I sent the completed form, I was told it was sent and I would receive a reply in 48...
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    Replacement for Carhartt Chore Coat

    Unfortunately when doing some outside caulking, I ruined my favorite layering coat, my 26 year old Carhartt Chore coat. This one was made in the USA and worked perfectly with a T, canvas shirt and Filson Wool vest. Had a nice patina and was cut perfectly for layering. I'm looking for a similar...
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    R/W, I/R boots sizing

    I recently purchased a pair of Red Wing Iron Ranger boots on-lne and the sizing is strange to say the least. As the feedback was to order boots 1/2 size under which I did, although when they arrived they looked like clown shoes, they were so big. I measured them to my old Chippewa boots and they...
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    Vintage 1940's deerskin, fringed, insulated coat (38)?

    SOLD & Shipped, Thanks for looking, Retromoto
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    "Coronado", USA made, Leather, Lapel Vest, (44) CCP

    SOLD & Shipped, thanks for looking. Retromoto
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    Wolverine 1000 mile, Rockford Cap Toe

    Seriously looking at the "Wolverine 1000 Mile, Rockford, Cap Toe" boots, what seems to be the verdict on quality and fit? Where is the best supplier online? I typically wear a 10.5N although from what I understand, they tend to run large. Retromoto
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    USA made, L.L. Bean coat, Large, Red/Black Shadow

    Coat is SOLD pending payment, thanks for looking. I purchased this USA made, L.L. Bean Mackinaw coat new in the early 1990's and it was one of my favorite coats through the years. It is a size "large", The sizing is ample in that it fits like a 44. I always wore a sweater or wool vest over a...