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  1. KY Gentleman

    Headed to St Louis

    I'm going to St Louis in a couple of weeks for a few days. Can anyone suggest some places of interest that may not be in the usual travel guides? Any hat stores in the city worth dropping by? Thanks.
  2. KY Gentleman

    Schott Leather Jacket size 50

    Classic leather motorcycle jacket by Schott. Just bought it on Ebay and it's too small for me. I will sell it for what I paid, $175. Will ship for free if domestic, but if international you must pay shipping. Thanks!
  3. KY Gentleman

    Resistol "Ft Worth"

    I just received a Resistol "Ft Worth" fedora style hat I won on eBay. It seems like a nice lid, 3X Beaver, unusual lining. Does anyone know anything about this model fedora? Approx. years it was produced?
  4. KY Gentleman

    Who did I see in KY 11-07-08

    I passed a red PT Cruiser today on I-71 heading East near Carrollton, KY today about noon. I know from your license plate you HAD to be a lounger. The leaves were looking colorful in central Kentucky today, I hope you enjoyed your drive through!
  5. KY Gentleman

    Kokomo, Indiana

    I'm headed to Kokomo this week, I've never been there but I expect to be in the "First City" for a couple of days. Anyone have suggestions about Kokomo attractions? I know "Bob's Country Bunker" in "The Blues Brothers Movie" was there. Perhaps I'll look for that....
  6. KY Gentleman

    Opinions on the Dobbs "Dayton" ?

    This is a hat I've been looking at and I think I like the looks of it. Does anyone have one or looked at one up close? I'd like to hear your thoughts please.
  7. KY Gentleman

    How can I turn a lapel pin into a hat pin?

    I have several lapel pins that would make nice hat adornments. I don't want to poke holes in my hats, I'd like to affix something to the pin to allow it to slide into the knot on the bow of the hat. Much like the brand name pins that come with a lot of hats. Any thoughts? Bending the pin won't...
  8. KY Gentleman

    Had a brush with Hollywood?

    Have you ever been an extra? Has a movie ever been shot in your town? I lived in Georgia for a while and was friends with the man who owned "The Whistle Stop Cafe" in Julliette, GA. where the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes" was filmed. I enjoyed visiting the cafe and hearing his stories about the...
  9. KY Gentleman

    Best Underdog movie

    I'm watching "Seabiscuit" tonight and got to wondering... What is your favorite underdog flick?
  10. KY Gentleman

    Pickup on South Street

    I just watched a great movie, "Pickup on South Street" starring Richard Widmark. The attire was awesome- fedoras with MANY assorted creases/ bashes and the clothing was great. Top that off with a top notch plot. Classic film noir. Plus it was a Criterion DVD with a lot of special features I...