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  1. TheGuitarFairy

    Leather Trucker Levi's / Lee / Type-whatever jackets!

    ^^^ That's badass ^^^ For posterity's sake here's that Walter Dyer I snagged a few weeks back and a monster of a trucker by EWMIC (of course). I've never seen this style by them before and as usual it was made to fit a small child of the sun. Looks like buffalo to me.
  2. TheGuitarFairy

    Ebay Hats: Victories, Defeats, Gripes & Items of Interest

    tiny yet nice y nice https://www.ebay.com/itm/403848974732 https://www.ebay.com/itm/115507086960
  3. TheGuitarFairy

    The Resistol Roundup

    Hi, Fellas, Both the above hats are mine and pretty sure I documented at least the Colt somewhere within the FL. I've been trying to clear out hats I'm not wearing I haven't bought many what with gigs returning etc. I completely missed that 3 or 4" of thread was missing on the TenNinetyFive's...
  4. TheGuitarFairy


    Thanks, fellas. I've screwed up enough jackets to know to leave this one alone and live with it ; ) Lest we forget:
  5. TheGuitarFairy


    I especially dig the older Walter Dyer jackets but they're pretty far and few between and I've only seen one trucker before. As those of you who are interested know, Walter D. was apparently a real character and did things his way. Jacket structurally is perfectly tight, fits well and has a real...
  6. TheGuitarFairy

    Musician's hats

    Getting a lesson from Don Helms
  7. TheGuitarFairy

    Musician's hats

    ^^ Rickey is cool. Got to see him in the clubs a few x's in the 80s ^^ The great .... great .... Doug Sahm No trouble finding pics of him hatted or as an eleven year old hanging out w Hank His expression says it all ...
  8. TheGuitarFairy

    Lovely Liners

    Possibly the coolest hat under my stewardship ...
  9. TheGuitarFairy

    Post New Hats Here!

    NOS 40s/50s Imperial Stetson 7 1/4. Hat still had cardboard from factory inserted behind sweat. Hat purchased from The Larkey Company (NJ). Does blocking number read 702 1/2? Grabbed Garve' recently as well.
  10. TheGuitarFairy

    Stetson Sweat Stamps/ LOT XXXX

    This old No1 arrived today. She's a 7, hopefully Robert can get me to 7 1/4.
  11. TheGuitarFairy

    What hat are you waiting for today?

    Oh boy not sure I want to know what a toe tag is. Hat and band are coming separately, age of two a coincidence. Seller wrote me band and tag had been boxed together for many years. SH Nite, owner of band and tag, lived from 1886 to 1964. edit: more specifically this is what was included in...
  12. TheGuitarFairy

    What hat are you waiting for today?

    Looks like an oldie, too bad about sweat. Now that I think about it I should have had it shipped straight to Robert ; ) Snagged horsehair band last night. Hope everyone's well out there!
  13. TheGuitarFairy

    Ebay Hats: Victories, Defeats, Gripes & Items of Interest

    Hi Friends, too long! Between just these past days crossing finish line on a 6 month, too-the-studs renovation of our upstairs apartment (of which I'll never .. ever .. tackle a project like this again), and gigs coming back, I haven't had time to play hats. Hope all you geezers are well! I...
  14. TheGuitarFairy

    Boss of the Plains?

    I just call em' sirs. A 30s (424 block) and 60s. Notice different blocking.
  15. TheGuitarFairy

    Western, anyone?

    Pictured are <really> good years for that band. Second picture includes none other than a Mr Chet Atkins sitting in ; )
  16. TheGuitarFairy

    The Resistol Roundup

    That's sweet! ^^^ and reminded me: Here's that 5X I posted above but w/ new bash and Navajo, Johnny Pablo made, band, on board.
  17. TheGuitarFairy

    What Hat Are You Wearing Today ?

    Boom! That hat looks great on you, man. Gobble gobble all you Turkeys : )
  18. TheGuitarFairy

    Questions About the United States Navy Peacoat

    I wore my Dad's peacoat that he got in the service for years till I left it at the counter of some greasy spoon in Montana in the 90s. I've meant to replace it since then but never got around to it till now. Jacket's super clean and is a pleasure to wear. I appreciate all the info shared within...
  19. TheGuitarFairy

    OTHER THAN eBAY Hats: Victories, Defeats, Gripes & Items of Interest

    I'm kinda' blown down what hat sold for, I was wayy underestimating selling price. Hope someone on the forum got it as I'd love to see better pictures! Meanwhile guy with his "dad" and "nephew" .. really disingenuous and strange behavior. Totally reminds me of some record collectors I've...
  20. TheGuitarFairy

    Vintage Outerwear: Threads of the Past

    Nice jacket! Mmmmm .. brown through black. This one's still buried somewhere. Nowhere near fitting but still can't bring myself to let it go.