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  1. Nick Charles

    Over 100 Vintage Fedoras

    Interested in what you might have in 7 1/4 PM me
  2. Nick Charles

    AZ loungers Maltese Falcon showing

    http://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/az-loungers-meet-up-and-movie.84707/'' check out this thread in the events. Trying to get some like minded people together in Phoenix for conversation, lunch and a 75th anniversary showing of the Falcon.
  3. Nick Charles


    not to butt in but is there a price or auction link?? and is it a 7 1/8 I can't really see the size
  4. Nick Charles

    RANGOON shirt for Sales Dark Chocolate

    I have a Rangoon shirt for sale, Dont know if its original or repro, Awsome condition, markes 2x but I would say its for a lean xl or xl tall. Brown wool gaberdine scalloped pockets, little tabs under collar to hold tie down. Just a great shirt. $50 plus shipping, pics on request. 48 chest...
  5. Nick Charles

    Some items for sales, Hat, shirts, ties, jacket

  6. Nick Charles

    HAT SALE 7 through 7-3/8 Straw and Felt- Add Funds Reduce Clutter

    I'm interested in these three Straw Hats got a price for each
  7. Nick Charles

    Bomb Girls , new home front show Starts Tuesday on Reelz channel

    They work in munitions factories, building the arms that keep their overseas husbands, lovers, brothers and sons alive and fighting. For these women, the freedoms they're fighting for... come to include their own. While they're building bombs, women also find themselves flourishing with new...
  8. Nick Charles

    WTB: Trousers with 42W 30 Inseam

    Got a pair of vintage work pants, new old stock still have tags on them, They are mammoth i belive, if interested. They are Khaki colored $50 buck shipped.
  9. Nick Charles

    A Few More 1930's - early 40's Ties

    I'll take the other 2
  10. Nick Charles

    Reproduction classic workwear

    Anyone see those old navy shirts out West I can't find in az
  11. Nick Charles

    Reproduction classic workwear

    Sears has two chambrays on sale right now that look pretty good. http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_043K1081000P?prdNo=3&blockNo=53&blockType=G53 and only 10 buck with free shipping to your local store
  12. Nick Charles

    WANT TO BUY CHAP Magazine back issues

    I like to buy a few back issues from someone in the us before I order a sub. Any takers
  13. Nick Charles

    Summer Hat Sale--Six Hats

    hat came today and is awsome, thanks again
  14. Nick Charles

    Recent Summer "Safari" News!

    does look like fun and I know a couple of other blokes that would be willing no matter the weather.
  15. Nick Charles

    Summer Hat Sale--Six Hats

    can i get more pics of the Stetson Premier I'm very interested send to indyaz@cox.net
  16. Nick Charles

    Summer Hat Sale--Six Hats

    can i get some more pics of the Stetson Premier 7 1/4 I'm very interested. send to indyaz@cox.net
  17. Nick Charles

    What type of Jacket is This?

    where is the picture from??
  18. Nick Charles

    What are you wearing today??

    HE is most definatley a different Dan, I'm still me. And you do look nice.
  19. Nick Charles

    Clothes, ties and dvds for sale

    I'll entertain offers for the rest of the stuff any takers???
  20. Nick Charles

    Clothes, ties and dvds for sale

    1. Early 60's Sedgefield, by blue bell short sleeve, button front shirts, size L, both new in the package, one blue stripes, the other , green, Blue one taken out to try on. $10 each plus shipping 2. 50's Arrow brand Hawaiian shirt top loop, long collar, short sleeve still folded...