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    Eastman ELMC californian American walnut 46L

    Letting this beautiful ELMC dark walnut Californian in size 46L go. Bought used about a year and a half ago and not worn much for the past year. The jacket is in beautiful broken in condition with grain and patina on the horsehide. No damage or issues. Measurements: P2PF - 24" P2PB - 24"...
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    Eastman ELC Roughwear 1041P size 46

    It is time to move this jacket on. I have had it for about 3.5 years having purchased directly from ELC and it has not really been worn for the past year or so since I got a RMNZ A2 which I favour the fit of. The ELC 1401P is in beautiful broken in condition as can be seen below. This horsehide...
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    Vintage Original 1949 USN Peacoat rare size 46

    Catch and release! I recently bought this Navy peacoat which is sadly a size too big for me. It is dated at 1949 from the label, pocket lining and buttons etc, according to @Peacoat fantastic thread. This is in remarkable condition as can be seen in the photos. There is virtually no wear...
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    WTB USN peacoat size 46 or 44 or Buzz or McCoy's

    Hi I am looking for an earlier Kersey wool navy peacoat with the coruroy pocket linings in a size 46 or possibly 44 depending on the measurements. I'd also be interested in a WWII or WWI repro from Buzz Rickson or Real McCoy's. I'm in the UK, cash waiting. Show me what you have...
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    Eastman pop-up score: ELC D-1

    Visited the pop-up yesterday and came home with this D-1. I will post some fit pics soon. It feels so much easier to wear than a B-3, which I have had two of in 44 and 46 and couldn’t get on with. I was a little torn between this and a B-6 but prefer the look of this and the price.
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    Eastman ELMC horsehide G-1 size 46

    The time has come for me to pass this wonderful jacket on. I just prefer the A-2. Details can be found on the ELMC site: https://www.elmc.co/elmc-horsehide-p-225.html Breaking in beautifully with creases, patina and a few scratches. Knits and lining in great condition, no rips, snags, holes etc...
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    ELC type A-2 Rough Wear 1401P

    Arrived today. I have been wanting one of these for ages after seeing many great examples around here and trying them on at the pop-up two years running. In light of the price increase I caved in and ordered it on Thursday last week - Pretty glad I did. I went with the 46 - I recall trying the...
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    Wanted Eastman rough wear A-2 size 46

    Hi chaps, I am after a RW 27752 in size 46 from Eastman. A recent warhorse version ideally. I will consider other original maker Eastman jackets and Goodwear. UK/EU only please. Let me know what you have. Cheers
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    Eastman B-3 size 44 for sale or trade

    Hi Chaps, This lovely seal warhorse trimmed Eastman B-3 came to me early this winter. Sadly though, I think I am coming to the realisation that the size might be a bit too snug. Although I love this jacket and have worn it probably 12 or so times since I had it. The original owner purchased it...
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    Wanted: Pendleton board shirts - size L or XL

    As title. Shipping to UK a must. Nice plaids please. Made in USA preferred. Show me what you have.
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    Another B-3 repro thread

    Thanks to @Royalcrown32 I have an Eastman Leather B-3 size 46. I believe this is the seal horsehide trim before they introduced warhorse. Screw summer, I'm ready for winter...
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    Wtb Eastman b-3 size 46

    Hi guys, I need a b-3 in my life. probably a size 46. Eastman or goodwear preferred, uk or Europe only. I don't want to pay crazy shipping and import duty from the US. Anyone? Edit: size 44 also possible depending on numbers.
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    Eastman and Real McCoys grey Sweats

    I have a used ELMC loopwheel sweat in size 44. This is a great sweat, short and boxy - made in Japan by John Lofgren I think. Worn and washed a few times. This loopwheel fabric pills. pit to pit 25" back length 24.5" £45 A vintage Real McCoys - Joe McCoys Ball park sweat in size XL. This is...
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    ELMC Horse Hide G-1

    I got this at the Eastman Leather pop up this week and thought I would start a thread to share some fit pictures. Size is 46, cut feels a bit trimmer and shorter than the standard goat Navy G-1 that Eastman make. Hide is a lovely rich, deep, waxy brown. Lining is a very nice olive rayon/cotton...
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    Allen Edmonds #8 Shell Cordovan Penny Loafers US10eee

    For sale is an older model of Allen Edmonds shell cordovan penny loafers. These are colour #8 that has faded to a beautiful cigar-like shade over the years, as is particularly desireable for shell. I think these date to pre-2000 or so but maybe you can date them better than I. In any case the...
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    Crockett and Jones Skye brogue boots UK9e

    Hi chaps, These are beautiful English country boots made in Northampton by Crockett and Jones. I've had these for years and not worn them for at least 6 so it is time they went to a more loving home. I love them but just don't think they match my style now. Of course they are made from...
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    FS White's Semi-dress 9.5E

    Fantastic White's Semi-Dress in Dress brown leather Standard last Standard Heel Single leather mid-sole Vibram 700 half sole Size US9.5E I don't seem to wear these much anymore so think I could let them go. Soles are getting worn down, though these vibrams last a long time. £200 shipped in the UK
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    GW Monarch A2 size 46 for sale or trade

    For sale is my stunning light russet shinki horsehide GoodWear Monarch A2. As you would expect from JC, the hide is stunning as is the craftmanship and it is flawless, just breaking in nicely. I bought this in the spring from @TiltRotorFlyer but sadly I find it doesn't quite work for me...
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    Eastman g1 measurements?

    can anyone post the measurements for the current Eastman g1 in a 44" or 46"? Thanks!
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    Goodwear Monarch Light Russet fit

    Hey dudes Got this Goodwear Monarch from tiltrotorfyer via the classifieds. Great Guy, perfect service. Beautiful jacket of course, very different beast from my Aero J106..... but.... is it too snug though? Am I kidding myself??? This is my first A2 Fit pics: open zipped