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  1. ITG

    Ladies Hat

    Size 22. On the inside it says "Made in France." Color is a deep purple. Feather is is great shape. Price $40 + shipping/handing. Email me at wickie7@earthlink.net if interested. Shipping within the U.S. only.
  2. ITG

    MK Maltese Falcon

    Anyone interested in buying an MK MALTESE FALCON? I'm having to clear out room for a baby's room and thought I'd see if I could find a home for the falcon. Hate to give it up but really don't want to pack it up in a storage bin either. Looks similar to this one. I can get you pics if interested...
  3. ITG

    MK Maltese Falcon

    I have an MK Maltese Falcon for sale. It's a beautiful piece. I will consider reasonable offers. Please contact me via email if interested: wickie7@earthlink.net
  4. ITG

    Mark's Hollywood Pink Perfume is Back

    A few years back Avon's Mark line came out with a perfume in a vintage style 50s bottle called Hollywood Pink. I heard it was discontinued a few years back. It's now back and available for $15. I ordered a few bottles along with the lotion just in case they run out of stock. It has a subtle...
  5. ITG

    Preparation H

    Okay I have to ask this. I remember seeing something on Oprah a long time ago about this lady who used Preparation H for years on her face. She was in her 50s but looked a lot younger. She said her secret was Preparation H on her face. Anyone ever here of this being done or tried it themselves?
  6. ITG

    Paintings of Vintage Trailers

    Check out these paintings done of vintage trailers by Paige Bridges. http://www.vintagetraveltrailerart.com/VintageTravelTrailerArt.htm My favorite is the Yellow Rose of Texas one. And then this one reminds me of the Lucy and Desi movie "The Long, Long Trailer" And another personal...
  7. ITG

    Wolfgang Parker

    I recently discovered the sounds of Wolfgang Parker on myspace. He has an awesome sound of swing mixed with punk/rockabilly/rock n' roll. http://www.myspace.com/wolfgangparker Check it out and let me know what you think.
  8. ITG

    Are Classy Restaurants Lowering Dress Code Standards in Your Area?

    One of the more exclusive and expensive Dallas restaurants (The Mansion at Turntle Creek) has recently lowered their dress code expectations. Really sad. I'm wondering if classy restaurants in your area are doing the same. Here's the article...
  9. ITG

    Vintagesque Postcards

    I tried looking first to see if there was a thread on this but I didn't find one. What vintage style postcards have you come across? http://www.campbellscotties.com/productPage.asp?cat=21
  10. ITG

    Book-Give My Love to Everybody: Letters from a World War II Soldier

    Found this and thought some of you might find this of interest: http://www.wmjasco.com/inkandpaper/6199/6199.html
  11. ITG

    Golden Era Landscaping

    We're going to be doing some landscaping in our front yard. This got me to thinking, were there some popular landscaping shrubs or other plants popular to use in 1940s or certain landscaping styles that were popular? I'm sure lots depend on what part of the country you live in as to what plants...
  12. ITG

    Spielberg's WW2 New Time Travel TV Series

    One of the Indygear guys posted this over at COW. Spielberg is looking at developing a WWII/2007 time travel tv series: http://www.comingsoon.net/news/tvnews.php?id=17923#Scene_1
  13. ITG

    Fake Radio

    Came across this and wanted to share... http://www.fakeradio.net/
  14. ITG

    Leather Indy Jacket for Sale (ebay)

    Indy jacket on ebay. If it doesn't sell, I may take it to the QM to see if anyone is interested there (that is if I have luggage room). http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=020&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&viewitem=&item=300047352944&rd=1&rd=1
  15. ITG

    Wested Jacket for sale

  16. ITG

    Health Insurance Rates?

    Okay, I'm curious (for those who feel comfortable sharing) what others' are paying for their health insurance. REason I ask is that it seems our school district's insurance goes up and up every year (some years it has doubled). Currently it's about $178/month and will be going up to about...
  17. ITG

    Wedding Hanky.com

    This weekend I went to a bridal show and one of the booths sold nothing but vintage hankies (a little rich for my empty pocketbook) and I wanted to pass their info on to you gals. Everything I saw was stunning. Basically they use vintage hankerchiefs and dress them up with beads, embroidery...
  18. ITG

    For Sale: Herbert Johnson 38 New Bond Street

    I have a Herbert Johnson fedora for sale. It's from when they were on 38 Bond Street. I've not worn it myself and got it off ebay maybe a year or so ago. However, I can't tell if it's ever been worn, it's in that good of condition. There are the initials G.G.G. on the sweatband, so maybe it was...
  19. ITG

    New York's Garment District, Project Runway, & a Vintage Shoe Store

    Well, I just got an email from Budget Travel and they are doing a spot on the garment district in New York and Project Runway. Check out these links: http://budgettravelonline.com/bt-dyn/content/article/2006/07/26/AR2006072600804.html?referrer=email&referrer=email...
  20. ITG

    For Sale: Akubra Federation (Indy hat) with BLACK RIBBON

    Hey y'all, I have an Akubra Federation for sale. The ribbon has been replaced with a black one, which I believe came off of a Michaelson borsalino for Peters Bros. So there is a very nice felt/ribbon contrast. The ribbon is 1 5/8 inches wide. (check out pics below) Size: 55 (6 7/8 in US...

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