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  1. oskar

    Black suede Type 3 jean jacket

    Do you know a company that produces a high quality black suede type 3 jean jacket? I already tried on the iron heart and shangri la heritage version. But they dont fit me well. I believe aero offers suede, as well. But only in brown. Maybe you know more. Thanks :)
  2. oskar

    Brown Thedi belt 95cm / 37.5

    Hello everyone, I am offering a beautiful dark brown belt made by Thedi Leathers from Greece. It is new and unworn. "The most massive leather belt we have ever seen. The stiff leather is 4-5 mm thick and the double thorn buckle is made out of heavy brass." as described by the Berlin shop b74...
  3. oskar

    Zippers and watches

    Hello everyone, If you wear a leather jacket with a watch. Is there a risk that the zipper of the sleeve will scratch it? Do you have any experiece with it? Thanks for your help :)
  4. oskar

    Thedi jacket and belt

    Hello, I am offering a beautifull Thedi jacket. It is a mix of canvas and leather. The combination looks stunning and the design is one of its kind. If you are looking for something special you just found it. The jacket is made out of old military canvas and therefore it is super firm and...
  5. oskar

    New Black Deerskin Cafe Racer - 44L - Simmons Bilt

    Hello, I am selling a new and beautiful black deerskin cafe racer made by simmons bilt. The hide has a lot of character right out of the box. The hide is super soft and drapes around your body nicely - perfect for a lighter jacket. On the other hand deerskin is very tear and scratch...
  6. oskar

    CXL thickness

    Hello, I have a short question: Is there a variation in the thickness of CXL leather? I heard that a lot of people think that there is, but in reality it just has to do with the stiffness of the particular hide. I just wanted to check with the experts :D Regards, Oskar
  7. oskar

    Favorite vintage brands

    Hello, thanks to all the reading here I know a lot of great modern day brands for leather jackets. However, now I am on the hunt for a vintage jacket with lots of wear. I am thinking about a jacket in a perfecto style. Which are your favorite vintage brands? Even better if they are...
  8. oskar

    Smooth Italian Horsehide - aero

    Hello, Do you have any experience with the aero smooth italian horsehide? There are almost zero information out there. I am bit worried that it could not have enough grain after some time and that it is just to light. Thanks for the help.
  9. oskar

    Simmons Bilt. Which leather?

    Hello everyone ... I will get my first "real" leather jacket. It will be a black cafe racer from simmons bilt. However, I am not sure which leather I should pick. 1. What is our experience with the clayton black horsehide or the clayton vintage black? 2. What do you think about the modena...

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