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  1. simonc

    Balmoral Boots

    Yes of course the other thing which makes the counter rounded is a narrow shaft that draws it in.
  2. simonc

    Balmoral Boots

    You know I am as hopeful as you are on this counter shape, but after speaking to a few bootmakers they all say the same thing, the counter shape forms in the heel through wear, it is almost hollowed out from years of usage, this is why most of the lovely counter shapes we admire are in old...
  3. simonc

    Shirt collar oddities - Boardwalk Empire Shirt Collars

    Dostioffsky how did you link the buttons, elastic? What do you think they were originally linked with?
  4. simonc

    Oxford Bags

    I'm okay with that thanks Rabbit.
  5. simonc

    What Hat Are You Wearing Today 1?

    Kid 1920 and dog today
  6. simonc

    Vintage Raincoats and Trenchcoats.

    Hi Hal, yes its belted I've just fastened it in the back. Double Texture, what is that? It does have a thick but smooth handle, any examples of the stuff or info?
  7. simonc

    Suits - Pre 1920

    I thought you might enjoy to see two pre-20's Italian linings - I have been visiting sellers of period swatch books.
  8. simonc

    Show Us Vintage GERMAN Suits

    It looks like wool covert cloth.
  9. simonc

    Vintage Raincoats and Trenchcoats.

    Sold to me by the Op himself, not sure of the year, but I like it.
  10. simonc

    20's/30's contrasting trousers

    These have 10% cashmere in them, I have been testing them, 19oz lambswool, the weave is very smooth and dense, zero bobbling, indeed quiet the opposite the cloth is bedding down nicely.
  11. simonc

    Of mouton collars...

    I've never used these people but you'll want the fur to be about 1" long for a collar http://www.fursource.com/sheepskin-m-20.html
  12. simonc

    Of mouton collars...

    Mouton collar fabric? What is that, fake shearling? Do you mean mouton fur?
  13. simonc

    Opions Aero's latest offering

    I think it looks great!
  14. simonc

    Merry Christmas to all.

    Merry Xmas from the wife and me
  15. simonc

    Finally.... Aero "Thunderbay" Pics

    Great fit big boy.
  16. simonc

    What are you wearing today??

    The Missus and I on the tube heading towards Westminster Abbey for the boy's carol service 15oz SJC Harris jacket, ink shirt, black silk knitted tie, big b dungarees and yard boots
  17. simonc

    Balmoral Boots

    You have a point Sean, here is one of only a few stylish goths I can think of
  18. simonc

    Balmoral Boots

    Like people Laurie they're not all bad. I try to focus on their better qualities, rather than their weaknesses.
  19. simonc

    Balmoral Boots

    I like them I want them I will make them but I just can't but help think of hidious goths when I see most balmoral boots
  20. simonc

    Gloves & belts: any recommendations?

    That middle long buckle is very nice, very 30's.