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  1. willyto

    FS: Field Leathers and Lewis Leathers Slim 38 Cross-Zips

    Great jackets and price. Someone tall will get a great deal.
  2. willyto

    Am I the crazy one? customer service experience with Wested

    Was that the brown goatskin jacket? Mine is lasting very well and actually is my most worn jacket. It’s a bit on the loose side with the sleeves but it’s just such a great beater. Two chest pockets inside, chest pocket outside, handwarmers,etc. Might not be the best because it was a sample but...
  3. willyto

    Ask a Question, Get An Answer About Outerwear

    Sounds good enough. It’s interesting because one could use it on the entire wardrobe or flat(my flat is very very small). Specially with vintage clothes that you don’t want to be soaking (suits and sport coats)
  4. willyto

    Ask a Question, Get An Answer About Outerwear

    Then what’s a good use for the Ozone machine? Before purchasing it I’d like to know if it actually works. Soaking a leather jacket shouldn’t be a problem though. Leather is tough and can resist that. After all even leather shoes are made with wet/mellow leather and nothing is used after that...
  5. willyto

    New Thedi Memphis- Fit Check!

    To me it looks too tight and too long. I don't believe that can be a comfortable fit.
  6. willyto

    Langlitz versus Cal-Leather....how wide is the gap? Asking for a friend

    What the hell?! Why would you sell that?
  7. willyto

    Ask a Question, Get An Answer About Outerwear

    My concern is that it will not take care of the lining smell. It's the whole jacket that smells bad, not just the leather.
  8. willyto

    Best leather for a lifelong jacket?

    Some Denim guys won’t wash their jeans, reason why they just go to waste in so little time. It obviously depends on how much you wear them and what you do though. Same goes with shoes. One MUST brush them every time they’re used or the dust and filth stays in the creases basically sanding your...
  9. willyto

    Whitefeather Mfg Co. & Their Buco J-21 Repro

    Thanks for the review. I like their Puch but I’d ask for a double row of buttons like the originals. The aviator was always cool. I’ve had them on my crosshair but I could never find one second hand so spending 1000€ without trying them or handling them seemed a bit steep.
  10. willyto

    Finds and Deals - Leather Jacket Edition

    Oh no. My favorite design ever from Himel and a decent price. It seems to me that it won’t last and I still would have to sell a few jackets before buying it. I think being a pullover this one would fit me fine being a 38 myself. Thanks for sharing
  11. willyto

    Finds and Deals - Leather Jacket Edition

    Just to show what happens with this kind of suede. They’re usually the washable ones. They are 2 different american jackets.
  12. willyto

    Finds and Deals - Leather Jacket Edition

    I wouldn't pay more than a $100 for that jacket. That suede is delicate, very. They usually rip at the seams and specially the side cinchs. Also the collar is damaged.
  13. willyto

    Anyone else still waiting for jacket weather ?

    No jacket weather probably until November unfortunately... I hate summers in Barcelona. It's warm, humid and sweaty. Anyone who likes that is mad.
  14. willyto

    Looking for my first Deer/Elk Skin Jacket... Who Makes em?

    That's a bold claim to make "better than Freewheelers one" when they have been using it for years an years even before they were called Freewheelers and were named Bootleggers.
  15. willyto

    Post Brexit import experiences

    Unfortunately that happens with any courier. They charge you for handling fees when the shipping is already paid for.
  16. willyto

    Post Brexit import experiences

    I've always paid less with DHL than going through local customs and national courier. Same with GSP from Ebay, always paid less and same with paying upfront taxes through a store located outside EU. I recently made a purchase of 224 USD plus 25 USD shipping. And from the store I paid upfront...
  17. willyto

    Footwear to go with our jackets

    I find that quite strange. Footwear is way more important than outerwear. In fact your health is related to it. If you wear the wrong size or not adequate footwear your feet will suffer as will your legs and back.
  18. willyto

    Finds and Deals - Leather Jacket Edition

    that will go high though.
  19. willyto

    How many new jackets do you have coming (and how many potential ones)?

    Will last you a lifetime. Now the trick is to just own ONE and wear it.