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  1. Trenchfriend

    You know you are getting old when:

    When even independent bands, you never knew really knew about, are not more existing.
  2. Trenchfriend

    What are you listening to?

    The Chorus pedal classic. :)
  3. Trenchfriend

    What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Oh man, Escape From New York is so trashy. When Ernest Borgnine appears, it's over... :D
  4. Trenchfriend

    Clean Jokes

    Mom: "Hi, Sweetie. Did you have a got day?" Kiddo: "Yes, I did. We talked about our parents jobs." Mom: "Ok, and what did you say? That Mommy is a PA and she makes TikToks?" Kiddo: "Not quite." Mom: "Not quite? What did you say?" Kiddo: "That you get paid to make videos in your bedroom."
  5. Trenchfriend

    What Cap Are You Wearing Today?

    I would like to post flatcaps more often, but sadly I like my two breathable, softshell-like sportscaps so much, that I wear it very often in autumn weather instead of flatcaps.
  6. Trenchfriend

    Funeral music recommendations

    Astor Piazolla is another idea. :) "Oblivion"
  7. Trenchfriend

    Star Trek

  8. Trenchfriend

    Star Trek

    The most clearly evidence that they recognized their misconstruction, was the (expectable) need of re-introducing Q to keep the story going. Otherwise, they could have stopped the show, immediately. What should have been without the answer to Picard's and Q's relationship in reference to TNG...
  9. Trenchfriend

    So trivial, yet it really ticks you off.

    And I never comprehended, why someone drinks this disgusting sweet south-bavarian (Oktoberfest) beer at free will. :D
  10. Trenchfriend

    So trivial, yet it really ticks you off.

    Classic: Any kind of small(town) fest, where they play music from a tent or any corner with a DJ too loud, so people can't talk normal to each other. :rolleyes:
  11. Trenchfriend

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Simple black suede blouson with breast pockets.
  12. Trenchfriend

    Experimenting on foods.

    Fill a muesli bowl with spicy tomato juice, crumble some tortilla wrap in and put some bits of sausage in. Heat up two minutes in the microwave. Enjoy! :)
  13. Trenchfriend

    Clean Jokes

  14. Trenchfriend

    Vintage Things That Have Disappeared In Your Lifetime?

    Different colours of good old fluorescent tubes in the hardware (chain) stores. Only white in different types available, these days. Twelve years ago, you could still get blue ones and others. The funny thing is, that the regular tubes (energy class "G") are still cheap. You can get one for 5...
  15. Trenchfriend

    Star Trek

    I don't know. Is this Sir Patrick Stewart or Jean-Luc Picard speaking? ;)
  16. Trenchfriend

    Star Trek

    Did you saw the trailer for final Picard - Season 3? Ouch!! And they even gave the USS Titan an Enterprise 1701 A-like design. Haha, can't be more goofy! Man, Trek is sooo dead...
  17. Trenchfriend

    Star Trek

    John de Lancie again nailed it. :)
  18. Trenchfriend

    What Cap Are You Wearing Today?

    Beige Elbsegler.
  19. Trenchfriend

    The Era -- Day By Day

    Why is Ebbets Field such a mystic place for Americans? Has it got a special atmosphere?
  20. Trenchfriend

    Let's See Your Watches! The Vintage Watch Thread.

    Now reactivated Pa's gold-coloured Casio (AQ 229), too. It's more battered than the silver, but still seem to work.