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  1. Justhandguns

    Anyone else still waiting for jacket weather ?

    Bought a B6, can't wait for it to drop below 10°C...... Judging from the climate change here in the UK, I guess I will have to wait till Dec.
  2. Justhandguns

    Good Harrington or Barracuda Jacket..

    I have two Jump the Gun Harrington, made in the UK and pretty well made. The yoke, like Edward had said, is sewed down which means there is now vent at the back compared to the Barracuda 'original'. The JTG jacket is probably more of a slim cut compared to some originals. I think I paid...
  3. Justhandguns

    Any idea what tannery this comes from?

    It looks to me that those are QC stamps only, not brand. The few characters translate to 'All Japan' or 'All Nippon'. The lower words mean 'approved'.
  4. Justhandguns

    Real Mccoys A2 Alteration

    1" or 2" extra usually is not a problem, unless it is on the sleeves. And on top of that, Japanese jackets tend to be made 'smaller'.
  5. Justhandguns

    Post Brexit import experiences

    I just realised that for imports to the UK, they have raised the limit to £139 for inbound goods (except for alcohol, tobacco etc). Although most of our jackets don't fall in this category, it's still good to know. A lot of overseas companies also start having their checkout system to comply...
  6. Justhandguns

    Post Brexit import experiences

    FYI, I have been using these websites (1)(2) for postages comparisons (mainly local UK). You can choose between different carriers in there with plenty of options regarding insurances. I think HM Revenue have changed the import custom/VAT limit recently. Check here. But of course, the £135...
  7. Justhandguns

    Motorcycle Jacket Recommendations

    One question that nobody has yet to ask is, what sort of bikes you are riding? In my opinion, that influences your choice for sure right? My vote for sure is Vanson, for 1grand of USD, I am pretty sure Vanson can customise and place proper amour (armor) in most of their jacket range. They also...
  8. Justhandguns

    An example of Vanson's new Comp Weight when (almost) Fully Broken In

    I wish they still make jackets with Octagon leathers. Sounds like they are still experimenting with the new black CompW at the moment.
  9. Justhandguns

    BK Durable "The Wild One" One Star Double Rider

    You just wonder...... What are they thinking of?
  10. Justhandguns

    Aero Cafe Racer fit

    It looks like the jacket is of a very 'V' shape. The front looks good, but the back looks a bid tight when zipped up on the waist? Are you comfortable with that?
  11. Justhandguns

    Colorful cafe racer thread

    Is this the Belstaff Ronnie? I still have one.
  12. Justhandguns

    BK Durable "The Wild One" One Star Double Rider

    I think they do have some tanneries in China, but I guess imports from India and Pakistan are still cheaper. and they also buy up quite a bit of hides from Europe as well for higher-end stuffs. Apparently, China's buying power was to blame for the price hike of many makers (that we always...
  13. Justhandguns

    BK Durable "The Wild One" One Star Double Rider

    Leather jackets made in China are certainly not as cheap as in Pakistan because they also have to source the leathers outside of China. I bought a Chinese made Trucker style leather jacket (unfortunately a bit too large for me because I thought it was Asian sizing, but in fact they have already...
  14. Justhandguns

    BK Durable "The Wild One" One Star Double Rider

    Oh my word, that's beautifully restored! How did you do that! Now I am really tempted.
  15. Justhandguns

    “An error does not become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.” ~ John F. Kennedy

    Exactly! This is exactly the crux. Do I care that my Bronson B-10 has uneven pockets? Yes, a bit, but I only paid USD60 for it. If this happens on the Real McCoy B10, I would certainly return it. Yes, small productions or independent craftsmen (best represented in Japanese, 職人, 匠人) seems to be...
  16. Justhandguns

    “An error does not become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.” ~ John F. Kennedy

    I have been reading this thread as well as 'the other' thread. This is indeed a very interesting (and debatable) subject. It is quite interesting to see how the H-brand has been highlighted over here. I must declare that I don't own any jacket from this brand, yet. What I have noticed recently...
  17. Justhandguns

    Bill Kelso website down

    Their Facebook page apparent is still active. Talking about the UK ownership, it has always been a mystery, there are some tell tale hints. American Classic in London, which is the stockist for Eastman by the way, have been selling BK jackets for a while already, so instead of SB, they might...
  18. Justhandguns

    Which G-1?

    Oh, I forgot to mention about the late 70s/80s G-1 with cowhides, I also own one but it feels completely different because of the chucky-ness of the thick hide. I also don't like the synthetic shearing as well. The current issued G-1s still have those hand warmer pockets built-in? Am I correct?
  19. Justhandguns

    Which G-1?

    I have the Eastman G-1 original Goat. It is easily the most comfortable flight jacket that I own, the goat skin is very supple and tough. My only complain is of course the Eastman knits, yes, the originals have single layer kits compared to the thicker A-2 ones, but seriously, I can tell you...
  20. Justhandguns

    Famous People in Flight Jackets

    Ah. that's true, I also wondered why he was wearing the Doolittle jacket for a Vietnam movie.

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