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  1. Lincsong

    Art Fawcett VS Hall of Fame

    yeah Art, and that's my "lucky" hat too. Still looks great after 12 years. Best money I've ever spent.
  2. Lincsong

    Art Fawcett VS Hall of Fame

    Wow, 11 years ago.
  3. Lincsong

    Nutty Neighbors

    Really? hahahahahahhaha
  4. Lincsong

    Nutty Neighbors

    Don't lie to the people.
  5. Lincsong

    Nutty Neighbors

    OK, the old nut is back at it again. I was spraying the magnolia tree with this natural bonide brand spray that suffocates insects. I've been spraying it every summer for 3 years. It's never stained her house and her husband is quite aware that I use it. There's only a mist that touches her...
  6. Lincsong

    TopHatters (San Leandro) - In Memoriam of Ted & Marie Lee

    I've bought several hats there. They people were always nice, friendly and VERY knowledgeable. I remember the last time I bought from them, it was a Borsalino newsboy in 2006? 2007? Anyway, some typical Bay Area aging hippie came in, shorts, t-shirt and ragged ball cap. The guy was in his...
  7. Lincsong

    Lost art of proper relaxation

    Work hard, relax hard.
  8. Lincsong

    Camel hair jacket & cowboy boots?

    If you rock with t. Go for it.
  9. Lincsong

    Vintage Silhouettes Custom Hats - Official Affiliate Thread

    I've had my lucky Panama from Art for 12 years. Still going strong.
  10. Lincsong

    Cowboy Boots

    I'm on my 5th pair of Luchesse. Love them
  11. Lincsong

    Favorite Historic Buildings or Places

    Any Frank Lloyd Wright home.
  12. Lincsong

    You know you are getting old when:

    When a Ford Edge becomes a new car choice.
  13. Lincsong

    Art Fawcett VS Hall of Fame

  14. Lincsong

    Cowboy Boots

    Cowboy boots are for any attire.
  15. Lincsong

    Not politicaly correct But...

  16. Lincsong

    Show us your vehicles

  17. Lincsong

    What's for Dinner?

    I ate too much at lunch.
  18. Lincsong

    What to wear under the Fedora?

    My head, of course.

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