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  1. Seb Lucas

    Source Of High Quality Corduroy Blazer

    I've posed this one in years gone by - can anyone recommend a few makers of good quality corduroy blazers (besides Old Town and Cordings)? Many companies seem to make a version, but I rarely see quality cord blazers that are well cut and made from solid cord fabric. Any thoughts?
  2. Seb Lucas

    Vintage Suiting Fabric

    I used to buy vintage suits thirty plus years ago when they were $5 to $10 for a mint example. One thing I loved about them was the coarseness of the wool and the extraordinary weight. Part of the weight was obviously horsehair and full canvas lining. I was astonished that men in Australia...
  3. Seb Lucas

    What is a size 6 in a man's jacket?

    From time to time I see leather jackets - especially army and work gear, labeled Size 6 or 8. What scale is this from and what are the equivalences?
  4. MikePotts

    High Quality Bucket Hat?

    I'm an old but still active tennis player. My dermatologist has given me the hard word concerning pre cancerous ear grunge. I have already purchased "Polo" brand hats in 'pique' and poplin/cotton material....anything classier out there for a trendy old fart?
  5. Seb Lucas

    Keep or adapt?

    Ok - so here's one of these fit threads. Should have been called Flip or Adapt. How do you change headings? Anyway, I came into a nice pre-owned goatskin Ironheart cafe racer in size 42 a few days ago. Mint condition. Problem is, it feels pretty darn tight. The chest is 22 inches (maybe 22.5)...
  6. Seb Lucas

    Jacket Lining Question

    I'd like to buy some cotton drill fabric (such as Aero use) to have an old jacket relined. Does anyone know what specifically I'm asking for? Is it called 10 oz plain weave, cotton drill, or similar? Is there a preferred company that makes this fabric? I'm trying to source it here or via the net.
  7. Seb Lucas

    Can Anyone Name This Schott Model?

    I'm curious what Schott model this is. Haven't seen it before. Not sure about the shoulders. Cheers
  8. Seb Lucas

    Flight Nylon Stains

    Just wanting to check something I have found with the 3 sage green MA1 flight jackets I have owned. They seem to pick up stains quite quickly and end up with small marks that almost look like they are made by grease or oil or something similar. Warm soapy water doesn't seem to remove the marks...
  9. Seb Lucas

    Is the Vintage Trends site still working?

    I've bought from them before. I bought a Schott leather jacket from them a couple of weeks ago and although the order went through I got no confirmation of the postage or purchase. I have emailed them 4 times without response. I have not been able to set up an account, despite lodging my details...
  10. Seb Lucas

    Who made this jacket?

    I'm curious about this jacket worn regularly by Billy Bob Thornton. Anyone know who made it? You can see a made in USA label down below.
  11. Seb Lucas

    1950's-60's Car Coat Sources

    Does any manufacturer make anything like this today? I'm not after the wool melton car clicker coat fabric but rather the cotton twill or poly/cotton twill versions like these old McGregor Ramjet car coats. Specifically with knit cuffs and knit collar. I had one decades ago and would like a...
  12. Seb Lucas

    Bowler Hat Differences

    I've been an enthusiast of bowler hats for 40 years, ever since I bought a coke from Lock and Co in 1977 - $30 pounds. I know their history but can some people clarify a few manufacturing points? I understand some of the vintage models are made from wool felt? Is this accurate and why? Also I...
  13. Seb Lucas

    Gillette Super Speed DE Razors

    Having struggled to shave with a Merkur HD and cut myself almost every time over two years, I finally got a good shave from a mint condition 1956 Super Speed. It's a very mild shave - even with a Feather blade. I now want to try a couple more vintage razors but nothing exotic. Does anyone...
  14. Seb Lucas

    Cheap but not hideous denim jacket suggestions

    I'd like to find a new unlined denim jacket in an indigo black/blue for around $100. Not too short - say a 26-27 inch back in a size large. Not keen on the look of the Prison Blues stuff and their blue is too light for my taste. Any ideas? I've looked at Dikies, Wrangler, Levis. This...
  15. Seb Lucas

    Filson Short Cruiser Jacket

    So I got this today. It's an oil cloth short jacket and a nice alternative to leather and denim. I've heard great things about Filson but this jacket doesn't appear to be anything special. The oilcloth is light (compared to Drizabone products) and see-through. To look at this jacket could be a...
  16. Seb Lucas

    Identify this jacket?

    Can anyone tell me what this jacket is - no other photos, sorry. Is it vintage? Only time I've seen those kinds of patch pockets were on a Grais jacket. This one was worn by Helen Hunt in the movie Twister and I've always wondered what it was.
  17. Seb Lucas

    A2 Back Length

    Forgive me if this has been asked before. Is A2 sizing different when it comes to establishing the back length? For example, if you generally wear a 27 inch back in a utility jacket, would you ask for the same in an A2? And if it is a different sizing issue, why is that?
  18. Seb Lucas

    Pecards Dressing and the Smithsonian

    We've often heard the link between these two for some years but what exactly is the relationship? I contacted Jessica Johnson, Head of Conservation at the Smithsonian she responded that they do not endorse Pecards. She added that dressings are not considered appropriate for preserving leather...
  19. Seb Lucas

    Schott 641XX Review

    I tend to prefer the look of cafe racer patterns because of the simplicity. This one reminded me of the great vintage patterns like the Buco J100 and the Brooks. No side entry pockets. I got if from Japan for around $600.00. I'm 6 ft 2 and 185 pounds. The jacket is 25.5 inches at back and...
  20. Seb Lucas

    A2 Knit Merits

    I have come close to buying an A2 but have always been put off by the knits - to me they seem to be a weak link. They fray and wear out, attract moths and absorb moisture and smells and appear to need regular replacing. Have I got this wrong? Apart from providing wind protection, what are...

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