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  1. Craig from Craigslist

    FS/T: Sawyer of Napa Shearling Coat Size 40

    eBay link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/155138008048 More photos on the eBay posting, but I'm selling (or possibly looking to trade) this Sawyer of Napa shearling coat. I love these coats from Sawyer and this is the only one I've seen with this natural/caramel color looking fur. Mainly selling...
  2. Craig from Craigslist

    FS: Schott 620 AKA "Schott tries to make a Cal"

    I think I've come to the conclusion that I simply cannot pull off a black DR, or at least I can't pull off this specific one, so I'm hoping to make my loss someone else's gain here. For sale is a Schott 620 which looks an awful lot like something from Cal-leather, Size 38. Fur in the sleeves...
  3. Craig from Craigslist

    WTB: Brown Leather Type III/Trucker Size 38 or 40

    I realize how broad that title sounds, but I've been looking for a decent leather Type III/trucker I can wear regularly and after finally concluding my current Aero Type III just has an awkward fit on me plus the internet search not going well I thought I'd check here before feeling tempted to...
  4. Craig from Craigslist

    FS: Penney's Goatskin Bomber Size 38ish

    Catch and release Penney's Goatskin bomber in an off-white/cream color. Based on the label I'd guess this is from the late 40's to sometime in the 50's. The hide is in great condition if a bit noisy and the liner is fully intact. Conmar zipper works just fine. The only real condition issue worth...
  5. Craig from Craigslist

    FS: Cal-Leather With Mouton Collar Size S/M

    http://ebay.us/7HmEn5?cmpnId=5338273189 Kinda/sorta catch and release. Ebay link has all the pictures. I bought this jacket at the end of December and think it's exceptional. Problem is, I was mostly interested in it for a pseudo-aviator style with the mouton collar and I recently caught a...
  6. Craig from Craigslist

    FS or Trade: Aero Type 3 Trucker Battered Steerhide Size 38

    This is a bit of a heartbreaker but I'd like to pass this jacket on. It's a beautiful Type III made from Aero's battered steerhide that I've been using as a go-to piece for the Spring and Fall I've owned it. I bought the jacket on this forum and I highly encourage checking out the original...
  7. Craig from Craigslist

    Choose Your Destiny: Wrangler And Maverick Sherpa-Lined Truckers.

    I have for sale both a Wrangler sherpa-lined trucker and a sherpa-lined Maverick Ranch Coat. Both in great condition and overall awesome jackets but for obvious reasons they serve a similar role in my wardrobe and I think it's just best to thin the herd. Price for either is $50 shipped in the...
  8. Craig from Craigslist

    FS: Schott Perfecto Wool and Leather Bomber

    Edit: Grailed link doesn't appear to be working for others right now so in the mean time I'll add the rest of the photos. https://www.grailed.com/listings/27250295-schott-schott-leather-and-wool-bomber The link above is my listing. For full transparency I originally bought this jacket on...
  9. Craig from Craigslist

    WTB: LL Bean Goatskin Bomber Or Similar

    I'm trying to track down one of the LL Bean goatskin bombers with the wool/shearling liner and mouton collar. I'm a size 38 in most jackets but for this I'm probably better off in a size 40 since the liner takes up room and I'd like to layer underneath it. Ideally it will have a 1 or 2 piece...
  10. Craig from Craigslist

    FS: Schott Type N-5A Snorkel Jacket Size 38

    I'm hoping to sell this Schott Type-N-5A bomber jacket. Wonderful goatskin with a sherpa lining and foxtail-trimmed hood. I originally bought this NOS and will include the tags (pictured below) with purchase. Gail at Schott says this jacket was only made in 1988 and 1989 with this being the 1989...
  11. Craig from Craigslist

    WTB Any Double Rider In Denim or Wool, Size 38 or 40

    Hi all! Long time lurker, first time actually posting. I've been looking up and down the internet for a double rider jacket that's preferably in denim, but I've also seen it done in wool to great effect. Unfortunately my search has come up empty after a week so I thought I'd see if the wonderful...

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