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  1. lina

    Thedi Atlas Deluxe Half Belt, size Large, Hand Dyed Cocoa Buffalo

    Man, that’s beauty..
  2. lina

    Leather Cafe Racer Sizing Question

    Yeah I think it looks good as is too, esp if you're wanting to wear an extra layer on occasion. Only one small piece of advice -- the sleeves/cuffs will look better I think if you zip them closed when wearing.
  3. lina


    Can I ask your height and weight and how this fits? And maybe a pic of you wearing the jacket if you have one? Thanks!
  4. lina

    FS: Custom Aero CXL Horse Hide Brown Maxwell. Size 44

    Wait, was this jacket originally mine I am wondering..? Just out of interest, did you buy it out of the classifieds here?
  5. lina

    Any Love For Those Cheap Old Fidelity Leathers?

    I’ve only handled a couple and I’ve never owned any long term but I think they’re highly underrated. nice jackets.
  6. lina

    Nicks Boots Americana - 12D Black

    Nice boots! I know they’re sold, but just out of curiosity can I ask how they fit compared to other boots, esp White’s if you’ve worn them? Thanks.
  7. lina

    Footwear to go with our jackets

    Three generations of Chippewa “engineer” boots. Left to right: worn 8-10 years before transitioning to yard work; current main boots, worn about 6 years; “new” ones (via EBay) waiting to replace the current boots.
  8. lina

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Very nice! I might have missed it, but what's the jacket (and the patch)? And tell us about the gorgeous Bonneville..
  9. lina

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Yes, the Kehoes of that era are hard to beat! Highly underrated I think in relation to some of the other brands. This looks to be more or less the same era as mine, though mine has the slanted pockets:
  10. lina

    50’s Horsehide Halfbelt

    A cool jacket! (and the blood stain is clearly value added!)
  11. lina

    Buco PJ-27

    A great jacket, in amazing condition!
  12. lina

    FS: Thedi “Niko” Button Up Brown Cowhide Jacket 42ish

    Can I ask your height and weight? And do you have any pictures of you wearing the jacket?
  13. lina

    Buco PJ-27

    A beautiful example of a classic jacket! I have the same model, and I love it..
  14. lina

    Lina's leather line-up

    Recently picked up this Californian-made Sears Hercules from @ton312 and figured I'd better add it to the line up. It's just a killer jacket -- fantastic leather and such a classic look. Still a question whether I'll hold on to it though.. It's a little short for everyday wear for me; works...
  15. lina

    Here’s an interesting Buco on the eBay

    I’ve seen lots of J100s and the various cross zips, but don’t think I’ve ever seen this straight zip collared design: https://www.ebay.com/itm/185329896921
  16. lina

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Cheap Beau Breed for the motorcycle.
  17. lina

    FS: Bates 1970s moto jacket, 42, dark chocolate brown, near mint

    Can I ask your height and weight, and how big it is on you? Thanks.
  18. lina

    John Lofgren Combat Boots Size 11

    How do you find that these fit compared to other boots you’ve owned?
  19. lina

    Goodwear Arcadia – 44 heavyweight steerhide

    Any pics of you wearing the jacket?
  20. lina

    1940s Sears Hercules Cross Zip Half Belt Aviator Jacket Size 44 / 46

    The marbling on the horsehide is really amazing. I see that on boots but rarely on jackets.