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  1. seres

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Excellent photos!
  2. seres

    What do you think about my new AERO

    Perfect length and fit!
  3. seres

    Aero A2 Bronco Fit Check.

    The A-2 is just perfect. That's the way I like them to fit. The Cafe is slightly short, but certainly not enough to worry about. You've done well. And welcome aboard!
  4. seres

    TFL Site Upgrade issues thread

    Where do I go to hide the sidebar? Some forums have this option, and others do not. If it is an option here, I can not find it. THANKS!
  5. seres

    TFL Site Upgrade issues thread

    Much faster! How do I hide the sidebar? On a big screen the sidebar takes up so much space.
  6. seres

    Who likes vintage tools?

    Wonderful find! A little cleaning and adjusting, and it should run like new! And probably last for another 80 years!
  7. seres

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Wonderful picture!
  8. seres

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Great photo!
  9. seres

    Aero Mk 2. Sheene.

    The August collar fits the Sheene body well. I have never considered omitting the lower pockets, but it works very well on this example. Very clean lines... WELL DONE!
  10. seres

    A sad day for us

    I couldn't have said it better.... Dogs are the finest people I know, too. Losing your best friend hurts. I am very sorry... RIP, Hogan
  11. seres

    What’s the pit to pit really?!!

    I think the most accurate way to measure P2P is to measure each panel (zip to seam, seam to seam on back, seam to zip), at a line 1-inch below the sleeve opening, to arrive at a TOTAL outside circumference. Then divide this total by 2 to get the P2P. This method ensures that the back is flat...
  12. seres

    You pay shipping

    Outstanding gesture!
  13. seres

    Do try this at home: leather jacket repair tips

    I did the same thing with horsehide Vicenza from Aero. Soak the sleeve, and then gently stretch as it dried over a 24 hour period. I was able to get about 1 inch extra length.
  14. seres

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Outstanding photo! The Windward is a wonderful pattern, and the fit is perfect!
  15. seres

    FS: closet queen, GW Roughwear

    CONFUSED is an understatement... It sold on Ebay for $887, with the second highest bidder at $877, and now it's back again?
  16. seres

    FS: closet queen, GW Roughwear

    I’m looking at your Ebay ad for this jacket, and I’m confused on the measurements… In this listing you show Shoulders at 18” and the Pit at 23”. But in your current Ebay ad, you show Shoulders at 19.75” and the Pit at 24”. Also, for a Good Wear size 46, the Sleeve measurement seems a little...
  17. seres

    G-1 Jacket without a Fur Collar

    Thanks! Just what I was looking for!
  18. seres

    G-1 Jacket without a Fur Collar

    How do the ACTUAL jacket measurements compare to those estimated measurement supplied by Legendary?
  19. seres

    Your High School Jacket - if you could go back

    For most of my HS years in the 60’s I wore a short suede jacket with fur collar (similar to a G-1). I liked it so much I literally wore it until it came apart. Many guys wore the cloth athletic or “Letter” jackets (they did have leather sleeves, I think), and others wore the FFA jackets...