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  1. Blackthorn

    Billy the Kid

    I watched the first episode of this new series today. I'm a big fan of westerns but they have to be somewhat realistic. This one has a very realistic feel, and the costuming is good, but. like so many westerns, the revolvers are not period accurate. That said, I do like the "the feel" of this...
  2. Blackthorn

    The social hierarchy of hat styles

    I’ve been musing about this subject for a long time, so now it’s time to give it a viewing here. At the top we have, of course, the top hat, appropriately named. Top hats are for the elite whether of actual royalty or just the wealthy men, to wear at gala events or wherever they may want to...
  3. Blackthorn

    Movies that would be dull without their soundtracks

    OK, maybe not dull, but I can't imagine these movies without the classic music: Breakfast at Tiffany's Last of the Mohicans (1992) The Way We Were Braveheart The Sting Superfly (1972) Your thoughts?
  4. Blackthorn

    a sad day

    So sad when "progress" does things like this: https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/yet-another-casualty-of-seattles-progress-where-will-a-stylish-man-turn/
  5. Blackthorn

    Guilty Pleasures

    Like most people here on the Lounge, I love high quality movies. I love realism and historical accuracy, great acting and a well written script. I love Bogart's best, and Jimmy Stewart's as well, and most of the classics. But tonight I once again watched a deeply flawed movie, and loved it...
  6. Blackthorn

    VS by Art Fawcett

    My head measures 23 1/4 and this hat is a good fit. The hat is about 7 years old, beaver fur, beautiful hat. Brim is 2 3/8. $250 gets it mailed to CONUS
  7. Blackthorn

    question about Akubra eyelets vs liners

    Those of you who have Akubra hats with factory installed eyelets, do they also go through the liners? Or do the liners cover them? I know it sounds like a dumb question, but I need to know before I order a new Coober Pedy. I have a reason for asking...
  8. Blackthorn

    Movie sidekicks?

    I know I'm an oddball, so this thread will probably be quickly relegated to a dusty shelf, but I have always loved the sidekicks in movies. I loved Gabby Hayes in so many of his roles, among others. And in fedora movies, Frank McHugh always got my attention when playing off of Cagney or...
  9. Blackthorn

    favorite director of all time?

    Looking at the history of film, there are so many wonderful directors. I love John Huston, Clint Eastwood, Speilberg, Scorcese and hundreds of others. But as I look back over the many decades, my very favorite director is John Ford. Among his masterpieces: Man Who Shot Liberty Valance...
  10. Blackthorn

    Wigens wool cap, size Large, with earflaps

    This one is a size large, rust colored herringbone, like new. Delivered to US addresses, $70.
  11. Blackthorn

    Wigens wool cap, with earflaps, size 59

    Very warm cap, grey herringbone, delivered to US addresses, $70.
  12. Blackthorn

    Borsalino for trade, size 59

    This is a black Borsalino, formerly a Hassidic Jewish hat. It has seen a lot of wear, but the felt is in great condition and has a wind cord. I had planned to use it as a high end beater hat, but I don't want to spend the money on a new sweatband, so I'm hoping to trade it for an Akubra...
  13. Blackthorn

    (black) Black Sheep hat, full beaver, $300

    I have so many black hats that I'm almost embarrassed. So I'm going to offer one for sale and reduce the clutter. This is one of the prettiest hats I own, but I can't keep them all. Circumferences is 23 1/4 inches. The brim is 2 5/8, the crown measures 3 3/4 inches in back and 4 3/4 at the...
  14. Blackthorn

    Young Indiana Jones Chronicles pocketknife on Ebay

    I bought this in the mid 90's and put it into a drawer. I ran across it yesterday and decided to see if I can sell it on Ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Young-Indiana-Jones-Chronicles-Adventure-Knife-/191561793114?
  15. Blackthorn

    five-dollar stetson stiff-rim?

    I'm reading Jack London's The Road (written about his exploits in the 1890s), and he mentions that this hat, a "five-dollar stetson stiff-rim" was the hobo's uniform. I've googled the phrase to try and find pictures, to no avail. Have any of you ever heard of this before? I'd love to see what...
  16. Blackthorn

    Akubra Sydney size 60

    $110 gets this shipped economy to CONUS, Paypal only. NOTE, this is a bit tighter than some other size 60 hats, but still a size 60, not just a large 59:
  17. Blackthorn

    Amish hat, 7 1/2

    $110 gets this economy shipped, to CONUS. Paypal only.
  18. Blackthorn

    favorite Robin Williams movie?

    I know there's a thread (Deaths...etc) for expressing sorrow at the passing of folks like Robin Williams, but I thought in this particular case, it might appropriate to talk about his life's work. He did such a wide range of movies, of all types over the decades, that I can imagine we each have...
  19. Blackthorn

    Jack London

    Back in March on a trip to Hawaii I discovered the writings of Jack London. I had always thought he wrote only of the far north, but was surprised to see books by him in the stores there in the islands. Come to find out, he wrote prolifically on many subjects and places. Since so much of his...
  20. Blackthorn

    If there had been a real Indiana Jones, he'd have worn this hat

    This hat was made approximately 30 years before Raiders of the Lost Ark came out, so it wasn't made with that in mind, but it sure looks the part. It was made by Tom Eggleston, of Seattle. It doesn't have a size tag but it fits my 23 1/4 head pretty well, slightly loose. I love this hat and...