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  1. John A Koehler

    Sold Vanson Model J jacket size 44 $200 shipped

    Sold. Selling my Vanson Model J car coat. By the serial number in the interior pocket, it looks to made around 2003-2003. This jacket is heavy, competition weight, 7lbs. Zippers all work as they should. Leather in great condition, with no scuffs or cuts. That’s the good. The not so good is...
  2. John A Koehler

    Sold. 1950’s steer hide half belt jacket

    Jacket is sold. I got my Monarch back, and have no need for this one. In good condition. Grey quilted lining has some wear spots, and steer hide leather has some patina on the shoulders. Medium weight leather in good pliable condition, I recently conditioned it. Original Serval zipper also in...
  3. John A Koehler

    FS: Aero Teamster CXL 44

    It’s tough to sell this one, but it’s a little too big on me. I bought this direct from Aero last year in December. After looking into having it altered, the decision was made to sell and try a smaller size. Heavy Horween HHCXL brown that still has an amazing new leather smell. Olive drill...
  4. John A Koehler

    1950’s Monarch long half belt

    50’s era Monarch half belt in near mint condition. I’ve owned this jacket for a little while, and decided it’s not quite me. The horse hide has zero blemishes, looks as if it was rarely worn. The dark green quilted lining has no rips or fraying, there is a small seam opening at the sleeve to...
  5. John A Koehler

    Red Wing Iron Rangers size 12 EE 8111 Amber

    Size 12 EE. I got these boots on EBay in 2013, and I haven’t been wearing them too much lately. They have recently been re-soled by an authorized Red Wing cobbler. Leather is in good condition, with a few bumps a scrapes, see pictures. The heels have a very small bit of wear. When re-soled, the...
  6. John A Koehler

    Johnson Leather Del-66

    I’ve been looking at Johnson Leather’s Del-66 half belt, and am wondering if anyone here has one. Looking around the internet has proven no fit pictures, and was hoping to see where the half belt sits in the back.
  7. John A Koehler

    For Sale Simmons Bilt Bermondsey Car Coat size 48

    I got this recently on Ebay, and it’s a bit too big for me. I’m 6’2” 200 lbs. Leather is in great condition, looks to be cherry/brown, with a nice texture. Leather is quite stiff, and could still be broken in a little. This is perfect for someone who wants it to conform to their body, and make...

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