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    FS: new Langlitz 1947 Columbia

    I thought any Langlitz customers are backed up with their sasatisfaction guarantee?
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    An example of Vanson's new Comp Weight when (almost) Fully Broken In

    Beautiful jacket, unfortunately, it is a jacket from the 90s because of the brown undertone (now is grey undertone)and buckles.
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    (The Real) CiDu Leather

    Thanks for the interesting write-up. But it puzzles me when you said "spend less", I think the money you invested on 5star (6 or 7 jackets?) and this Cindu (and none of them seems fits you very well), you can buy several jackets made by the top maker. Something I just couldn't understand.
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    Five Star Leather Jackets

    Just horrible pattern, that's all. I know some people gonna bring out their price, so you spend $350 and receive something you can not wear and still saying "Hey, it is a bargain"
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    Five Star Leather Jackets

    Be careful of excessive formaldehyde in those cheap price leather.
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    Bike Jacket Cuffs Repaired

    How much cost for shortening zipped sleeve?
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    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Urad is just adding a topcoat/finish, that's why it dries quickly, don't use it on your non-vintage jacket.
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    Where Did That Leather on My Back Come From?

    Vegan, vax, and now don't buy new jacket? give me a break.....
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    TFL sale price

    There should not be an obligation to sell a jacket at a price you paid for. In your case, your JL price should list around $200-300 which I consider is a fair price. Unfortunately, people in here usually like to argue or bring out the price you paid for.
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    Your message to makers...

    Maybe his keyboard is not working, usually takes few years to fix it.
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    Harley Davidson Museum Cycle Champ by Vanson X-150

    shoulder seam to seam?
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    Five Star Leather Jackets

    5star has zero knowledge about the pattern that allows arm movement, and now they are launching the thicker leather .....
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    Five Star Leather Jackets

    So how long takes 5star to make a custom jacket?
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    Is it safe to purchase Japanese leather jacket (radiation exposure?)

    Thanks much for your input!
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    Is it safe to purchase Japanese leather jacket (radiation exposure?)

    Have my eye on few Japanese maker, but worried about the potential radiation exposure could still affects the cloth they made. Anyone in Japan who can answer this question? Thanks