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    Help! Unbranded jeans feel crushing my balls

    Unbranded are low rise, hoisting them up too high will not increase comfort. Perhaps something from pike brothers will be more to your liking/comfort. Also, most raw/selvedge denim vendors will have extensive size charts, pay close attention to the hip size, and the "real" waist size. Compare...
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    Five Star Leather Jackets

    Quick question about the 5star sizing charts. Do their jackets run large or small? I'm normally an XL, but when I look at their sizing charts I'd be better off with an L? Or am I overlooking something and should just go with an XL?
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    Hawaiian Shirts - Aloha Shirts

    https://www.chenaski.de/products/1314?locale=en#motiv I found this, it's over the top and has a seventies collar and is perfect for its intended use!
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    Hawaiian Shirts - Aloha Shirts

    Hey guys, a quick question. Where can I find long sleeved aloha-shirt? And as an extra: with (relatively) quick shipping to the Netherlands? I have a wedding coming up and need something snazzy under my suit :)
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    Over 50 wearing leather jackets

    I keep reading the title of this thread as: "wearing over 50 leather jackets" and keep wondering how that fits... :)
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    Best Sherpa lined denim / canvas jackets?

    A Lee storm rider perhaps?
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    Recent Wested Quality?

    I have a Wested Brando, great jacket...hot and used to squeak like mad, greased it up with leather grease and now it still squeaks, but far more civilized :) This is not helping me in controlling the urge to buy an indy jacket in goat from them! (Psst, keep up the good work)
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    What jeans are you wearing today ?

    https://www.heddels.com/2019/11/33-14-days-in-33-14oz-my-month-in-sosos-the-breaker-of-legs/ <-- I'll pass!
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    Engineer Boots, Harness Boots...

    Well, for me that's the reason why I'm here! Finding out what provides the best bang for the buck, to learn how to recognise Quality and to find what works best for me. It's complicated and fortunately for me there is an entire forum dedicated to making sense out of it all!
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    Ask a question, get an answer

    Hey all, a quick update. I just came back from a visit to the hat store (Witting, world famous in Groningen) and after explaining the situation, the gentleman behind the counter basically said: "so, you're looking for a nice panama!". Well yes, and long story short. I bought a nice cream white...
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    Ask a question, get an answer

    Right all, after some sleep and seeing that my thread was moved to ask a question... I'll do my best to reply to all who responded. @Doctor Strange : That Akubra Cattleman looks amazing and is definitely something i'll check out! Thank you for your reply! @Pellie : Goedemorgen, and thank you...
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    Ask a question, get an answer

    That's a lot of response in such a short time! I'll do my best to reply in more detail tomorrow but for now I'd like to thank you all for your excellent and helpful responses!
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    Ask a question, get an answer

    Hi all, It currently 29degrees Celsius here (I don't know what it is in freedom units) and all I have for sun protection is an old baseball cap that's slowly giving up the ghost... In short, I need a hat! Now I understand that I could go for a floppy boonie hat, but I want something with a bit...
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    "Aero Ledernkleding" ?

    That's great! And how did you find that info? I couldn't find anything, but may have searched in the wrong places.
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    "Aero Ledernkleding" ?

    I dont think the ebay ad is correct, as "lederen kleding" in danish translates to "læder tøj", according to google translate. The dutch word for bear is "beer" (pronounced differently than the drink though, which is "bier" :P). But bears are ursidae in Latin, so it probably something bear-like...
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    "Aero Ledernkleding" ?

    It's in Dutch, "lederen kleding" translates to Leather Clothing and the brand most likely is "Urzo". Couldn't find anything relevant but here is the logo in better condition https://www.ebay.com/itm/URZO-Lederen-Kleding-Ladys-Vintage-50s-Green-Heavy-Leather-Cyclist-Jacket-44-/163710384196
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    Exit / Grail jacket just arrived from Genco Clothing Japan

    How hard was it to suppress a giant grin in those pictures? Great fit, definitely a great look and statement piece!
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    French Peasant Workwear Trousers

    There's overkill and overkill, but it wouldn't be that hard to argue that we here are more like them than we think, with our >1000$ or € leather jackets and threads advocating custom shirts, suits and engineer boots (what's in a name :P) Although I'd rather pay for proven quality than for a...
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    What other things do jacket junkies feel it's not ok to go for the cheapest option

    @Seb Lucas My university education must be slowly becoming rusty, or my google bubble reflects my major: I'm not getting hits explaining the dutch jokes, but a lot of great papers about jokes, their use in language in general and linguistics. Great stuff and indeed very interesting! If you do...
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    What other things do jacket junkies feel it's not ok to go for the cheapest option

    Quite an interesting remark. Without any ill-meaning intent; do you have a source for that claim? I'd like to know more! The *insert your local cheapskate-folk here* jokes are really old, I'm willing to bet a virtual coin that the same joke is known with Scotsmen in England.