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  1. photo2u

    Tools for cleaning and conditioning leather.

    Here are some of my tools I use to clean and condition leather. Water not shown. lol.
  2. photo2u

    Leather jacket Fur (mouton) collar attachment pattern.

    Friends, I am thinking of creating mouton collars for some of my jackets. However, I do not have some of the original patterns to guide me. I was thinking we can share images, so others can benefit and perhaps make their own. Currently, I have the following. 1. Original J24 Buco. 2. Vanson...
  3. photo2u

    Japanese resellers

    Today, I went to pick up a nice jacket I found in offer up. When I show up, I could not believe my eyes. There were several hundred leather jackets along with other vintage varsity/wool winter jackets. However, there was a Japanese reseller who actually was taking about 70% of the lot in...
  4. photo2u

    Original Buco in size 46 new main and side zip.

    Hello friends, My often abused buco got a new main and side zippers. The zips were 1954 NOS natural color cotton tape dyed in a dark flat brown. However, the slider and pull on the side pocket were removed to experiment with the finish. I do not like the way the new side zipper looks with...
  5. photo2u

    Nice jacket at a good price

    Nice jacket! https://www.ebay.com/itm/134097919238?hash=item1f38dbdd06:g:7UgAAOSwddBiFr~Z&LH_ItemCondition=3000|10
  6. photo2u

    Nice Canadian

    Nice Canadian with British roots. https://www.etsy.com/listing/117205...query=1950s+harley+jacket&ref=sr_gallery-1-17
  7. photo2u


    Friends, I have a nice mid 60's flight jacket that needs some tlc. If anyone can sell me or point me to the proper location where I can find good quality wool knit set (waistband and cuff) would truly appreciate it!
  8. photo2u

    Nice jacket for sale

  9. photo2u

    Nice Brent

    Nice jacket: https://www.ebay.com/itm/144482617699?hash=item21a3d5c963%3Ag%3A8f0AAOSw9MhiRNjl&LH_ItemCondition=4
  10. photo2u

    WB "silver" color 50mm rectangle shaped center bar buckle.

    Friends, I am changing the buckle on two of my lw car coats. For this reason, I am in the market to buy rectangle shaped center bar buckle in 50 mm. If you have one or two, please let me know.
  11. photo2u

    Buco high dome bars

    Friends, I am looking for Buco or repro high dome bars for my jacket. Please let me know if you have some or know of a place that has some. Thanks!
  12. photo2u

    WTB a j23 lost worlds mouton collar in tan.

    Friends, I want to buy a tan mouton collar for my lw j23. If you can help me out by sharing with me an inside/outside images of a lw collar I would much appreciated. I am planning to share all of the images in a post that I am preparing. Thanks!
  13. photo2u

    Boot pocket

    Friends, I made some "D pocket" boot compartments. I am planing to use this pockets for my engineering boots. This sample is from a 1.2 mm HH in medium brown. I used my consew sewing machine to create the holes so that it can be hand stitched. I have different orientations of the pocket to...
  14. photo2u

    Mouton collars and other items

    Friends, I have created this to share my mouton that I have in my small collection. The goal is for other members to add and perhaps create a reference collection of mouton, leather types and snaps used in the creation of them. Buco j24 early 50s. This particular jacket is so thick and...
  15. photo2u

    California half belt replace original lining or not?

    Friends, Here is a nice 50s super soft leather half belt. The jacket is long for me and I will most likely will sell. I acquire a very cool period correct satin like "silky" lining fabric. Should I replace or keep it OG. Welcome any input!
  16. photo2u

    FS: Lesco seal color j100 type Cafe Racer

    Friends, I have for sale two like new Lesco CR in Seal color in cowhide. The jackets have been in my collection for a very long time. They were new and I only tried them on. The jackets were never used because the sleeves were a little long on me. Excellent hide thicker than the average for...
  17. photo2u

    Zipper choices Mash repro or used original

    Choice for replacing a zip for an original flight jacket. Which one would you choose. Used vintage in excellent working condition? Or reproduction
  18. photo2u

    FS: Goodwear Californian size 46

    Hello friends, I got this jacket for my self but is big on me. The jacket is in ALMOST NEW condition. 3 times briefly used only. The price is $950.00 Delivered insured to the Continental US. I will send to any other place at your own expense. I am located in L.A. County and can meet half...
  19. photo2u

    Mid to late 40s Cresco double swing sleeves jacket

    Friends, I was looking into my closest when I located one of my favorite jackets. This jacket has been in my collation for more than 30 years. I love what Cresco calls "dual action sleeves" I also like the elegant touch at the wrist. .
  20. photo2u

    WTB lost world (LW) TROJAN size 44

    Friends, I am in the hunt for a size LW trojan in size 44. Let me know if you have one for sale or trade!

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