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    Like a Phoenix...Bill’s Old G-1

    What a great story! Thanks for sharing it with us. I would never have guessed that the jacket in the photo was in that kind of condition when you first got it. The restoration really turned out well. Enjoy wearing it! Noel
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    B-3 back seam

    Well said Dumpster Diver. I understand the attraction of getting a jacket with artificial wear and tear but like you, I feel more satisfied having put the mileage on it myself. When a person drops $1200+ on a new jacket, it is a difficult mental hurdle to overcome... Noel
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    Aero B6 Jacket - A few questions

    I looked through my jacket resources (Full Gear and Suit Up!) and did see an example in Full Gear of a B-6 with seal brown seam tapes. The epaulets always seem to be more on the russet brown side though perhaps due to more UV exposure or wear from gear with shoulder straps (parachute, etc.)...
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    Some new boots - can't live on jackets alone...

    Oh crap...I must resist these. I still need to break in the blue boots; yeah, that's it!
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    Some new boots - can't live on jackets alone...

    Looking good, sir! I just love the indigo color. Like you, all of my boots up to this point have been black or brown. It's nice to have something a bit different. :) One thing on these is that the laces are a bit too long for me so I went over to my local Redwing store and got some shorter...
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    Some new boots - can't live on jackets alone...

    Thanks to ButteMT61 and CBI, I just picked up a pair of the indigo CXL Portage boots from Milworks. These are really good boots; comfortable right out of the box and exudes quality. This is my first pair of Thorogood boots and I am very impressed. Top marks for the Horween leather too - just...
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    Cockpit USA B-3 Fit

    The size 38 looks good on you. I think you have a winner! Noel
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    AVI LTHR A-1

    That looks great. I think the lighter hide will start looking even better with some wear / scuffing. Overall, I think you've got a nice jacket there!
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    The Winter Kanaljacke

    It looks like they did a nice job on the collar/windflap replacement. Is there any evidence of the repair that you can see (stitch holes)? That looks like a toasty, warm jacket.
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    Lost Worlds B2

    Hello Roma. Yes, there is definitely a "technique" to fasten the B-2 snap collar. I will try to describe it. What I do is grab the right side of the collar with my right hand (overhand so that my palm is against the fur side and my fingers are underneath the collar). Then, I put my right...
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    Lost Worlds jackets.

    Actually, both can be considered correct. Different manufacturers used button vs. snap closure. Noel
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    Hookless Zipper help please!

    Alex: I have a few jackets with this kind of zipper. One thing to make sure of before trying to pull the slider is that the tip of the male end is contacting that little tab at the bottom of the female side. I ran into the same issue that you described when the zipper was off by a tooth...
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    Lost Worlds jackets.

    Roma: The B-1 was fundamentally the same design as the B-2 but with sheepskin lining instead of the moquette (and later wool blanket) lining of the B-2. The B-1s had a couple of small, unique features as well. The early generation B-1s had a button-type throat closure (instead of the familiar...
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    Lost Worlds jackets.

    Very nice, Roma. I like the heavy Crown main zipper - it will serve you well. I also like the vintage mouton, which is different from my older Lost Worlds B-2. My collar has a more curly fleece (but very warm). He is mine for comparison: I hope you enjoy your new jacket when it arrives...
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    1928-1932 Spalding Leather Flight Suit

    That's a really nice example, Dinerman. It's interesting that the interior lining looks nearly identical to the 1st generation Werber B-2 jacket/A-2 trousers before they changed to the wool blanket liner. Thanks for sharing with us. Noel
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    Eastman Irvin RAF sheepskin repro sizing

    I agree with Mr. Lever. I normally wear a 44 and their size 44 fits well but is trim. If layering underneath is desired, I would recommend going up one size. Noel
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    Howard Hughes' jacket photograph - 7 November 1947 - What is it?

    Napthali- The jacket in that photo looks a lot like an Air Associates. They made civil aviation flight suits with separate jacket and trousers; he may be wearing just the jacket there. Of course there were many other flight gear makers at that time but that's my best guess. Great photo by...
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    Lost Worlds B2

    Hi Roma. Just to throw in my 2 cents worth. I agree with John Lever's earlier comment about Buzz Rickson's B-2 but if you have your heart set on the Lost Worlds jacket, try to get the leather weight around 3 - 3.5 ounces if you can. Heavier leather will not be as comfortable and the jacket...
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    WWII era Civilian B-2

    Very nice, Dinerman! The overall design looks similar to the Air Associates jackets of the 30s/40s. That's a great find - thanks for sharing. Noel
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    RAF Aircrew Boots

    Deacon: I do have these RAF boots. They aren't completely accurate reproductions as has been said by others but they are pretty well constructed. I have had mine resoled/reheeled so they can be repaired when necessary. The funny thing is that with the leather sole, they aren't as slippery on...

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