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  1. randooch

    My cool old Borsalino up for grabs on eBay

    Auction ends Friday, 6:15 PST. :-) https://www.ebay.com/itm/275112778845
  2. randooch

    Montecristi Hat Weavers' Earnings

    Perhaps PabloElFlamenco, with his fluent Spanish, can get more information on this topic during his upcoming trip.
  3. randooch

    Hats and Drinks - A Match Made in Heaven

    Invite a few compadres over, Joao; it'll go quick!
  4. randooch

    A museum-quality Montecristo Panama

    Great article, although I wanted a few pictures of the finished product.
  5. randooch

    7 1/2 Long Oval Gray Lee Trinity on eBay

    You're very kind, Cynthia. My lead bidder asked me to cancel his bid at this late hour due to some unforeseen financial constraints, so we'll see how the auction goes. Sigh.
  6. randooch

    7 1/2 Long Oval Gray Lee Trinity on eBay

    Why, thank you! :)
  7. randooch

    7 1/2 Long Oval Gray Lee Trinity on eBay

    My Johnnyphi hat is up for grabs. Can't seem to paste the link, but you'll find it. :)
  8. randooch

    What Hat Are You Wearing Today 1?

    Replacing floors can be a very rewarding job, Jeff. Take care of your knees, and do your homework about subfloor preparation, installation tips, and common pitfalls to avoid. Have fun, and keep that hat out of harm's way!
  9. randooch

    The Conversion Corral

  10. randooch

    My Blue Heaven

    Cerulean dreams to be had from under that felt sky.
  11. randooch

    Heather and Yon...

    Not enough hat to support the bash, I decided, so it is now steamed out and being worn open crown. :)
  12. randooch

    Heather and Yon...

    Redone hat has arrived. Kudos to Tom Gomez for his meticulous work and excellent communication throughout the process. If you have any fedoras that need reworked, I highly recommend him. This will be worn often, I think, as it is casual and versatile enough to go with just about anything...
  13. randooch

    Leather jacket acquisition help!

    Many UK members, not much trouble. The lack of offers to assist rather surprises me. [huh] Come on, gents, step up!
  14. randooch


    Be sure to post an "after" picture, Dogman. That hat has great bones.
  15. randooch

    Vintage Puppets

    Show us your cool old puppets or ventriloquist dummies. Here's one my sister just picked up at a flea market. Anyone have any information about him?
  16. randooch

    FS: Vintage Stetson Selv-Edge 7 1/2 lo

    . +1 Smokin' good deal.
  17. randooch

    Show us your SHOES !!!

    Good work, Matt. They are shaping up nicely! :) When's the wedding?
  18. randooch

    What Hat Are You Wearing Today 1?

    msrtex, great picture!
  19. randooch

    Stories That Hats Tell

    Such treasures, both hat and paper. :eusa_clap Perfect for this thread, too, which could use a life raft: http://www.thefedoralounge.com/showthread.php?49169-HATS-WITH-HISTORY&highlight=History