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  1. jonesy86

    Northwest Hats, Eugene, Ore.

    Wow, what a beauty looks really nice!! I’m ready for a new straw. Nice big dimensions one the pics look great!
  2. jonesy86

    Good Wear Star Sports A2 size 42 fits 44s

    That’s pretty!
  3. jonesy86

    TROPHY CLOTHING Humming Bird Jacket HORSEHIDE Black

    Nice Jacket and welcome to TFL. I’m afraid that you are suffering from a malady that has no known cure, called The TFL effect: https://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/the-tfl-effect.94299/ Good luck and happy hunting for that one perfect jacket. Let’s see some fit pics.
  4. jonesy86

    JL repro of a brando jacket

    Cool dude!
  5. jonesy86

    Picked up this Aero Teamster from Thurston Bros Stock

    That looks great!
  6. jonesy86

    FS: Eastman Californian sz. 46

    G Great jacket. GLWS
  7. jonesy86

    Full custom Field Leathers Manhattan review

    Yeah, what he said.
  8. jonesy86

    Full custom Field Leathers Manhattan review

    Great write up. That jacket belongs in an art gallery or a museum.
  9. jonesy86

    Norshor Leather

    Nice collection of photos, thanks.
  10. jonesy86

    Eastman ELC Hartmann Jacket 46 - $700

    I'm real curious about the Hartmann capeskin. I asked if they would do a Californian in it but didn't get far. Nice jacket and great deal!
  11. jonesy86

    Thedi sizing.

    Worf, FYI I just checked my cross zip and he put a XXL label in it, my measure has it at a 23" P to P. https://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/my-thedi-adventure.105625/
  12. jonesy86

    Norshor Leather

    Cool jacket and review. Thanks.
  13. jonesy86

    Himel: An Existential Review

    I like both you guys, and your jackets.
  14. jonesy86

    Mosquito Motorcycle Leather Jacket Review

    Great jacket and writeup, thanks.
  15. jonesy86

    1940s Horsehide Aviator jacket-size 40/42

    Nice one T. You look like your feeling pretty good too...I'm glad. It if were too big on you I wouldn't hesitate to snatch it up. Be well, David
  16. jonesy86

    Thedi sizing.

    I have an XL Thedi/Thurston that is tight. Carrie will sort it all out.
  17. jonesy86

    What Hat Are You Wearing Today ?

    Hope you get well soot!
  18. jonesy86

    Thedi leather MTC-D1279720

    Yeah, what they all said. Almost time to make another trip to Greece!
  19. jonesy86

    Phoenix Hat Company

    Hey Rick Let me know when. you have decided what my next hat from you should be. A straw would be nice, but, something light in color for the Tropics. No rush, Be well. Peace, David
  20. jonesy86

    Two Vintage Goatskins on ebay

    Man would I love to get a 30s goatskin Aviator. Those jackets are all really beautiful and would really work nicely in Hawaii, in a size 46 vintage? Nice pickup!@!