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  1. technovox

    Thedi Atlas Deluxe Half Belt, size Large, Hand Dyed Cocoa Buffalo

    Selling my Thedi Atlas Deluxe Half-belt in a size large. The jacket is made in Thedi’s beautiful Hand Dyed Cocoa Buffalo. The hand and the feel of Thedi's Cocoa Buffalo just simply amazing- supple, and rich with lots of depth and character. Everything about this jacket just feels quality… like...
  2. technovox

    Suspicious members Cttullamore and robbenfred50

    Likewise. On Thursday I received a suspicious email from cttullamore and a link to another Silverbelly contact email jonwin. I've been out of town, so didn't really think about it until this morning. Definitely felt like a scam.
  3. technovox

    Cal Leather White Two-tone Six Panel Cafe Racer

    Yeah, I remember Tony's Blue Bates CR . Very similar. If I recall correctly, it sold to ksozay and then back to Tony. But I believe Tony's CR was reverse of this one: blue body with white arms (and stripes on the arms.) Both very cool. I wouldn't be surprised if this one was horsehide- commonly...
  4. technovox

    Cal Leather White Two-tone Six Panel Cafe Racer

    What a beauty! In amazing shape. And if Cal Leather racers weren't rare enough to begin with, this one is in a one-of-a-kind color configuration. And in my size too. So tempting. Must... look...away...
  5. technovox

    WTB- Thedi Half-Belt Jacket Brown Size 42

    Thanks. I saw that one. Kind of hoping to find a Thedi in either the Cuoio or Coconut Buffalo. But that one is definitely tempting. Want to see what was out there first.
  6. technovox

    WTB- Thedi Half-Belt Jacket Brown Size 42

    Anyone here have a Thedi jacket that’s been sitting around in the closet and not getting much wear? Looking to buy a Thedi Half-belt jacket in a shade of brown. Size 42 approximately. Something along the lines of an Atlas, Hektor, Memphis, Evander… If you've got one that just doesn't fit right...
  7. technovox

    FS: Akubra Australian Outback Hat Size 7 - 56

    Just double checked. According to this Akubra hat size chart (see attached) - a size 56 is a definitely a size 7. Hope this helps!
  8. technovox

    FS: Akubra Australian Outback Hat Size 7 - 56

    Selling an Akubra Fur Felt Western Outback Hat Australia Size 56 (US size 7.) Made in Australia. Style: Snowy River. Color: Sand tone Fawn. Beautiful, well made hat. Signature brown leather braided Akubra logo band. Close to new condition. Got this one just a few months ago from another seller...
  9. technovox

    Has anybody seen ____ around Lately?

    Thanks mucho! I'm around. Lately I've been talking watches with Alan over at Johnson Leathers. But for the most part, I'm kind of laying low for new jacket acquisitions these days. Just trying to enjoy what I have. "The secret to lasting satisfaction is not to have what you want… but to want...
  10. technovox

    Goodwear Pancho Barnes-one off size 44-shinki horsehide

    Absolutely stunning!!
  11. technovox

    Thedi Brown Goatskin Jacket- Size 40/42

    SOLD! Thanks FDL!
  12. technovox

    Thedi Brown Goatskin Jacket- Size 40/42

    Offering up a beautiful vintage Thedi Dark Brown Goatskin jacket. Sport coat style. Very well made, supple and versatile. Dress it up or down with a pair of favorite selvedge denim. Lining is in perfect shape. Features 3 exterior flap pockets. One interior pocket. Beautiful vintage condition...
  13. technovox

    FS or Trade: Gustin Original waxed trucker, tan, M

    I love these Gustin Truckers. I just wish this one was a large. GLWS!
  14. technovox

    Levis vintage Steerhide Shorthorn Type 3 Jacket

    Sold long ago.
  15. technovox

    Original GUSTIN Waxed Canvas Trucker Jacket Men's (Medium) Made in USA, Sold Out

    GUSTIN - Waxed Cotton Canvas Trucker Jacket Men's (Medium) Made in USA. Catch and release here. Just bought this and it doesn't fit- need a large. Not made by Gustin anymore. They've moved on to more of a classic type 3 design. From last seller: Purchased in 2016, only worn a few times...
  16. technovox

    Finds and Deals - Leather Jacket Edition

    Friggin ebay. I ask for a simple shoulder-seam to end-of-sleeve cuff measurement. Nothing fancy, just take a tape measure to the sleeve and tell me the results. Right? A 10 year old could do it. Instead this wacky pic is what I get... along with "hope this helps." Hitting my forehead against...