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  1. ButteMT61

    New Gustin leather Café Racer jackets

    Length in back is almost long enough, front looks awful. My 2¢
  2. ButteMT61

    Aero Shackleton Explored

    I was "this close" but the pit numbers scared me off after @SpeedRcrX told me hers matched her jackets. Based on that, it would be at least 2" too small in the pits for me. Bummed, but I just don't know about measuring a leather vest vs leather jacket...
  3. ButteMT61

    FOR SALE: Diamond Clothing B-15C Mod, 46

    Good luck. Shame it's not working out...
  4. ButteMT61

    Cockpit USN 371J1

    Been in my cart for a while. Waiting on a sale ;) Would like some wear pics tho.
  5. ButteMT61

    New Eastman Star Sportswear A-2

    Hey @nick123 , speak for yourself :p
  6. ButteMT61

    Washing my G-1?

    I did and regretted it. Goat G-1. It did shrink and get stiffer. Just my 2¢, it always ends in this variety of replies: Yes No You'll have to decide...
  7. ButteMT61

    road less traveled for jacket nuts? the N-2B flight jacket...am i crazy 4 loving it?

    Here's a bargain for those shopping! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Toys-McCoy-Custom-L-2A-Patch-Work-Emblems-US-Military-Air-Force-Flight-Jacket-36/202152421587?hash=item2f113928d3:g:vSUAAOSw8AhaOMGr
  8. ButteMT61

    Footwear to go with our jackets

    Like I said above, me too! But when you have them on and zipped, you just don't see 'em. And at the end of the day - when boots are a b*tch to take off, it helps a lot!
  9. ButteMT61

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    It's the right choice, @ton312. As nice as it is, if you sit down, you'll likely become an IED. It IS a good example tho on how the blue hides will look, post-barfights.
  10. ButteMT61

    Footwear to go with our jackets

    @Dickie Teenie - just conversing with Brian the Bootmaker over some custom boots. The Role's are epic. @red devil - it IS a rabbit hole to be sure, but here, leather jacket have such a short period each year that I've gone over to acquiring other gear like boots, belts, etc. Same leather...
  11. ButteMT61

    Lost Worlds Beck/Leathertogs Pics, Anyone?

    Good stuff Wilbur! I still lament the loss of the elk hide JLP Jacket I bought from you. At the time, I was at my largest, and had to flip it. I could wear it today and I am SO bummed I ever sold it...
  12. ButteMT61

    navetsea designs a trench coat...

    Hey man, if I lost these last 15-20, I'd wear one! Looks pretty nice to me.
  13. ButteMT61

    Footwear to go with our jackets

    Bob, they go with anything really. Already took 'em out with the Ventura and an old civi A-2. Kids (20's somethings) all liked 'em with my selvedge jeans so I think they're fairly versatile. Almost hipster looking, but not quite. I think the thing that shocked me most was getting a zipped...
  14. ButteMT61

    How many new jackets do you have coming (and how many potential ones)?

    It's funny - the weight. Over Xmas break, we went to a local holiday light show outdoors. I wore my Aero 50's HBD in heavy FQHH. I gave it to one of the women, and she about fell over. I think that thing weighs between 11-12 lbs! :)
  15. ButteMT61

    MA-1 Flight jacket

    They're already here. It would be impossible to discuss this without getting political, so it's best to end it now. The US sadly is a sinking ship in many ways. Fewer have more, more have less. Not a recipe for success here.
  16. ButteMT61

    MA-1 Flight jacket

    Nail on the head. What I find highly offensive - and why I posted this - is that some think that it's because people are "racist". It's the usual lazy reply to a very complicated issue. If all the goods we buy from South Korea came from the North, I'd never buy them. I try hard to not do...
  17. ButteMT61

    MA-1 Flight jacket

    oops. yes :)