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  1. 53Effie

    WTB Campdraft

    I am interested in purchasing a Campdraft in very good shape in size 58, if anyone has one they would be willing to part with. I am open to almost any color but gray; so fawn tones, mid-brown, bluegrass green, or silverbelly would be of interest. Please PM. Thanks.
  2. 53Effie

    Riding Gear

    Langlitz Cascade and Frye engineers. My daughter is home from university for a few days and does good with photos. Note that I have a larger tree than JanSolo. ;)
  3. 53Effie

    New Jacket

    Hello everyone. I received my new Langlitz Cascade this week and thought I would try to post a few pictures...Hopefully, I did it right. This jacket is goatskin with several options including elbow pads, chest pocket, watch pocket, and pin stripes on the back. I'm very pleased with the way it...
  4. 53Effie

    New Jacket

    Hello everyone. I received a new Johnson Leather M-200 this week and thought I would share some photos. I ordered it in dark brown. It is naked cowhide. The stock jacket is black with zip sleeves. I had them eliminate the zippers and replace with a Highwayman style cuff with inner storm...
  5. 53Effie

    New Highwayman Received!

    Hi everyone, thought I would post a few quick photos of the new Highwayman that I got for Christmas! Mid-weight oil pull horsehide one piece back. Fit is almost perfect, I really like it! Mike