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  1. Fanch

    Custom Aero advice, please: 3rd times charm?

    I have several jackets in my closet from Aero and my favorite of all is seal Vicenza.
  2. Fanch

    Best leather for a lifelong jacket?

    Very interesting thread. Offhand I would recommend buying TWO jackets instead of one. Buy an Aero black goatskin and an Aero Seal Vicenza. Only other question is which two models to buy.
  3. Fanch

    Ll bean flight jacket size ?

    I've lost count of jackets that I've bought that didn't fit. I have a 42" chest and wear 38 pants. I think I can say with 99.9% certainty that jacket would be way too tight for the OP at every point, even more accentuated by the Thinsulate lining. Good price but not at all worth the time and...
  4. Fanch

    Friends of the good old leather-belts!

    Since I last reported here in 2016, I have gradually replaced virtually every belt I own with several Hanks Belts. I think Hanks specializes in gun belts but has very solid belts for casual and dress occasions. They sell a number of different styles. I own three of their Gunner belts (1.5" wide)...
  5. Fanch

    Sucked in! And fit question

    Your posts are always informative as you are someone very detail oriented in your thinking. One aspect often overlooked is the bottom hem measurement which you emphasized is very important. Whether one is V-shaped, pear-shaped, apple-shaped or shaped like a stick as I am has a drastic effect on...
  6. Fanch

    G-1 Opinions!

    I agree, and I'm a sucker for G-1's since many, many years ago I wore a G-1 while I was in the US Navy.
  7. Fanch

    Just received my 1950's Halfbelt Deluxe from Aero Leather

    Hi Wilbur, All is well now on my end since I finally recovered from a nasty bout of COVID-19 that knocked me out of commission for 3-4 months and hope you are doing well too.
  8. Fanch

    Just received my 1950's Halfbelt Deluxe from Aero Leather

    Looks really great Wilbur. Well done!
  9. Fanch

    Bootlegger or Sheene

    I'd say Sheene too but definitely go with a fit jacket from Thurston. Going with a Seven would be another alternative but would also strongly recommend a fit jacket for a Seven as well as it's a completely different fit from a Sheene.
  10. Fanch

    Aero Sheene made of unfinished horsehide

    Interesting jacket and the overall fit couldn't be improved on.
  11. Fanch

    Coldest Weather I've been in

    Thanks for the kind words Peacoat. Not losing power has definitely been a Godsend for our household, and I mean that in a literal sense! During the time in which I was sick, I lost weight from 187 lbs to 170. While some of the weight loss was muscle mass, I also lost most of the excess around my...
  12. Fanch

    Which one of these jacket twins is a keeper?

    Having seen both jackets zipped, my take would be to go with the size 40. A jacket slightly too tight will make you :(, but a jacket slightly too loose will make you :). In any case I voted 40.
  13. Fanch

    Which one of these jacket twins is a keeper?

    My first thought too was how both jackets looked zipped up. My initial impression was both looked fine to me and depends on which one is the most comfortable to wear, mostly unzipped but zipped as well.
  14. Fanch

    Current Goodwear lead times

    I don't really have anything to say other than I've communicated in the past with John and can say he is an incredibly nice guy that likely becomes overwhelmed from time to time as he is a one-man operation. I have bought a couple of items from him on his sales page and can say he is a pleasure...
  15. Fanch

    New Aero Bronco A-2

    I came in late to this. At one time I owned an Aero Bronco A-2, and mine fit snugly like an A-2 is supposed to fit. The pictures illustrate an optimal fit although you are the only one who can really make that determination. It should loosen up even more over time and become like a second skin.
  16. Fanch

    Aero Board Racer - fit advice needed!

    I agree it looks like a great fit but if the jacket isn't comfortable to wear, it won't be worn. Damn shame as it's a great looking jacket. I think I've said before, a jacket slightly too small will make you frown but one slightly too big will still bring a smile on your face.
  17. Fanch

    Aero Premier HWM Fit Feedback

    Fantastic observation that's worthwhile repeating!!!
  18. Fanch

    Aero Premier HWM Fit Feedback

    Every aspect of the fit appears optimal and wouldn't change a thing, including sleeve or body lengths. For your next jacket maybe consider a Board Racer in black Vicenza that should work well with your stick-shaped frame. Although Thurston Bros. prefers a tartan body shell linings, I much prefer...
  19. Fanch

    Aero re-opening 29th June 2020

    Great news that Aero will be back and running shortly even though I have no additional jackets planned.