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    Buco J24 BRAND NEW for sale for $1799+ shipping or OBO

    https://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/real-mccoys-buco-j24-2018-limited-size-42-but-more-like-a-slim-40.106339/#post-2879699 If you like this and think it fits, I'll trade you
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    Schott x Shinki Jacket

    I like this jacket. I don't know why people get hung up on the length. I personally think that it's more about your body style as to how the length works. Also I'm tolerant of different lengths, just get a different look. Of course I have 50 jackets so I have different looks for different moods...
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    Schott limited Shinki HH Perfecto. Only 68 will be made

    I agree the shinkin stuff is silly. But it probably is more expensive to make, and they are in business to make money. The markup over another horsehide from schott is probably 40%. That's probably 300 dollars more profit. Not really outrageous, many companies make limited edition s and charge a...
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    Himel: An Existential Review

    Himel jackets are nice, he uses nice leather. But I don't really think they are worth the mark up. I have 2. Just my opinion. And hey its not worth much, I like my schott that everybody hates!
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    Schott limited Shinki HH Perfecto. Only 68 will be made

    I agree these arent going to be collectors items. But im confuses why you hate the 673H. Maybe back seams ruin it for you, but I love mine(that i got for 50% on ebay)
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    Schott x Shinki Jacket

    I have the original shinki schott. It's probably my favorite jacket, although the stitching isn't great
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    Someone please sell me a goodwear Arcadia!!

    Still looking
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    Please help in dating/placing a mystery time-capsule HWM-type jacket

    Whoever made it should be freaking proud! That's the look I was hoping for in my freewheelers Mulholland. You got twice the look at probably an eighth of the price. Just awesome
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    Anyone able to identify jacket lLamelo ball is wearing in the att ad?

    It's on every 30 min during the NCAA basketball tournament
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    Someone please sell me a goodwear Arcadia!!

    I have a mulholland. Id trade it for the arcadia. I don't know why I bought that mulholland. Any eastman is just as nice
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    Someone please sell me a goodwear Arcadia!!

    sold to someone else again. Still looking