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  1. Sherlocklooms

    WTB: Freenote Cloth CD-3 Gold Suede Western Jacket 42 or 44.

    Anyone interested in selling one of these? Thanks.
  2. Sherlocklooms


    Hi, Selling?trading a lovely Freewheelers Sunset D-Pocket Deerskin size 42. The coloring of this leather is truly amazing. I find myself stopping in to check this jacket in my closet and just handle it from time to time for the sake of it. It has qualities hard to describe, just has to be...
  3. Sherlocklooms

    WTB: Freewheelers Mulholland 42

    Anybody? Got cash. I have a nice Freewheelers Sunset Deerskin 42 in Black for trade as well. Thanks.
  4. Sherlocklooms

    WTB: Freewheelers Mulholland 42

    Just checking if anyone has a size 42 they are interested in selling? Thanks.
  5. Sherlocklooms

    FS: Freewheelers Mulholland 44

    Hiya Brothers, I'm selling a Freewheelers Mulholland size 44 in a color they call vintage black. I have worn this jacket over the course of one weekend only. Obviously the jacket is essentially new. The leather is stiff and fills my closet with the distinct and intoxicating odor of shinki...
  6. Sherlocklooms

    WTB: Clinch Engineer Boots 10.5-11

    Just a hopeful, random, throw it out into the universe ask . . . thanks Gents.
  7. Sherlocklooms

    WTB: Free Wheelers Speed Master 42 or Himel Kensington 42-44 Black

    I know it's a long shot, but putting feelers out there for one of these beauties. Thank you.
  8. Sherlocklooms

    WTB: Shinki Cafe Racer, 42-44

    Hello, Anyone interested in selling a Fine Creek, McCoys, Flat Head, or anything of that ilk in 42 or 44? I purchased a beautiful Freewheelers jacket from a member a few months back, but I'm still itching for that shiny horse shinki cafe racer that always seems to be on my horizon. Help me...
  9. Sherlocklooms

    WTB: Vintage Racer Style Jacket with Padding, 42 or 44

    Hi All, This is general WTB ask, but just want to see what's out there from members who have an interest in making space in their closet. I just purchased my first jacket from a member last week and it was an awesome experience and the price was very very fair. Looking to buy another jacket...
  10. Sherlocklooms

    How do I buy a vintage leather riding jacket and not get ripped off?

    Hello All, I visited a shop yesterday in Los Angeles that had a warehouse full of vintage clothing including many racks of leather jackets. It was like a museum, but instead of just looking, I could touch EVERYTHING. It was a fun experience. The vintage jackets had such swagger and character...
  11. Sherlocklooms

    WTB Freewheelers Sunset Jet Black 42 or 44

    Anyone with one of these interested in selling, or knows somebody who is? In addition to plain cash I have some fun things to trade, Iron Heart shirts XL, Good Art, and Ship John. Thanks gents.
  12. Sherlocklooms

    For Sale: Iron Heart 13 oz Military Serge Western Shirt - Black, XL

    Hi All, Selling this beautiful shirt from Iron Heart. I bought it back in October 2020 and since then have worn it two times. I like it, but the style just isn't me. These shirts sold out fast world-wide and not many are left in the wild, especially this size. All photos except the close-up are...
  13. Sherlocklooms

    Wanted: Himel Bros. Arrowhead Pullover

    Hello Fedorists, I'm new here, and hoping it's okay to post for a "wanted" item in the classified section. If not, please let me know I'm looking for a Himel Bros. Arrowhead pullover. I'm close to pulling the trigger on ordering one, but just wanted to see if someone has one, or knows someone...