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    Size 38 Aeromarine Russet Jerky HH for sale

    I put this on ebay cuz I had trouble with pics uploading. 75 year old luddite with minimal tech savvy. Hope this is OK. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Aero-Aeromarine-Russet-Jerky-HH-Size-38/273141165370?hash=item3f987b6d3a:g:bVUAAOSwfuBaxA5D
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    Hat Search

    Can anyone tell me what type of hat this is and where I might find one? Many thanx, laz
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    WTB: Gurkha British army "Trousers, Khaki Drill"

    Thought I'd start thread to try and find a source for these high waisted, pleated, wrap and buckled trousers. Silvermans has them but shipping to US is 50 pounds! Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanx, laz ross loquatt@yahoo.com