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  1. crism1

    Wested Legacy Range - The Legacy Raiders Hero Jacket - 39"

    I'm selling my Wested Indy Jacket from the Legacy range (the range where they used the highest quality and closest goatskin leather to the original), chest size 38". Th cut of the jacket is the one from Raiders of The Lost Ark, and the jacket is cut to be "Hero", so it comes with all the quirks...
  2. crism1

    Aero Irvin 38"

    I put on some weight so I'm regretfully selling my Aero Irvin pre-war model. This Irvin has been used a single season for about 1 month since the pandemic here was pretty rough (italy) and it pretty much stopped all my movements as the jacket came at the end of the winter in 2020 in February...
  3. crism1

    ELC House A-2 size.38 \\ Sell or Trade for size 40

    I'm trading\selling a brand new A-2 House Eastman in size 38 bought this Christmas from the official stockist Ferromil (Germany). I wore it 1 week and it's a bit too snug for me. I love the jacket so I'm more inclined to trade it for a size 40, but if selling-and-rebuying will get easier than...