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    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Dav, Who makes that natty waistcoat? Thanx, laz
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    Size 38 Aeromarine Russet Jerky HH for sale

    I put this on ebay cuz I had trouble with pics uploading. 75 year old luddite with minimal tech savvy. Hope this is OK. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Aero-Aeromarine-Russet-Jerky-HH-Size-38/273141165370?hash=item3f987b6d3a:g:bVUAAOSwfuBaxA5D
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    Hat Search

    Can anyone tell me what type of hat this is and where I might find one? Many thanx, laz
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    New Member and My Aero Highwayman

    Hey, Oldcrow, Where did you get the hat, and where are you in norcal? I'm in Santa Rosa and have same jacket. It gets better and better! Thanx, laz loquatt@yahoo.com
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    Care of Horse Hide

    There are so many types of Pecards products. Can someone please point the way to the best for chrome tanned HH from Aero. Thanx, laz
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    WTB: Gurkha British army "Trousers, Khaki Drill"

    Tried What Price Glory. They only have the shorts. Thanx, laz
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    WTB: Gurkha British army "Trousers, Khaki Drill"

    Thought I'd start thread to try and find a source for these high waisted, pleated, wrap and buckled trousers. Silvermans has them but shipping to US is 50 pounds! Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanx, laz ross loquatt@yahoo.com
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    Vintage Borsalino 7 1/8 velour finish

    "Trousers, Khaki Drill" H.Johnson Found trousers online at Silvermans for 30 pounds (most reasonable) and shipping to California is 50 pounds! Yikes! Thanx for the help, anyway laz ross loquatt@yahoo.com
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    Vintage Borsalino 7 1/8 velour finish

    1950 pattern British army "Trousers, Khaki Drill" BK , Thanx for the info on the trousers. Can't find any on line and would like to buy a pair from you if you're willing. I'm a 32/33 waist. Please email me with your reply. laz ross loquatt@yahoo.com
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    Vintage Borsalino 7 1/8 velour finish

    High-waisted khaki trousers in pic with Paddy BK, Am searching for high-waisted khaki trousers you wore in pic with Paddy. Any info, history or place to purchase would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for off-topic. Many thanx, laz ross loquatt@yahoo.com
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    New Aero Arrival

    Hooserdaddy, Where did you purchase the cap? Looks natty with the horses! Thanx, laz
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    Aero Highwayman Size 40 Anyone?

    Lenny, The measurement from where the collar begins to the waist hem is 25 1/2 inches. No camera, no pics. laz
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    Aero Highwayman Size 40 Anyone?

    Lenny, Got my jacket yesterday and the fit is perfect for me. The pit to pit measurement is 22 inches. This leaves me room for a sweater if needed. Any questions please email at loquatt@yahoo.com laz
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    Aero Highwayman Size 40 Anyone?

    Yes, a straight size 40.
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    Aero Highwayman Size 40 Anyone?

    Lenny, I can't PM due to too few posts. So here's the info you requested. Email me at "loquatt@yahoo.com" if you wish. laz Size info: Height- 5' 8" Weight- 160 lbs Trouser- 33 Waist at navel- 35 Shirt- 16 1/2 neck/ 33 sleeve Chest tape measurement- 40 inches Sportcoat size- 40 is a...
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    Aero Highwayman Size 40 Anyone?

    Hey, My size 40 Highwayman is suppose to arrive this weekend so when it gets here I'll list the measurements for you. laz
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    I'm Gonna Do It Today!

    I ordered a Highwayman from Mark on the 9th of January so it's 7 weeks and counting. Mark is a very kind gentleman and far more patient then I. Waiting is definitely not my forte, laz
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    New Aero Highwayman

    Jaxx, How long was it between ordering and receiving jacket? Thanx, laz