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    Weight distribution of leather jackets

    I think the reason Aero’s hang on the neck is because of their shoulder slope angle and small neck opening size.
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    Vanson Zirconian Leather

    The royale enfield only comes in z150 without going custom. I had their comp weight from a few years ago and wasn’t a huge fan of it.
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    Get out the goats!

    He’s specifically asking about veg tanned which does not shed rain as well as chrome tanned. Also, the military goat leather jackets are all chrome tanned.
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    How to remove painted graphics on leather jacket

    Fiebings has a deglazer that is an acetone mixture. You can try that first and then straight acetone. Worst case you just dye the jacket afterwards.
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    Get out the goats!

    Most goat does an excellent job repelling water with the exception of veg tanned goat.
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    Vanson Zirconian Leather

    Does anyone have any recent experience with Vanson’s Zirconian (Z150) leather? I’m thinking of purchasing their Royale Enfield but am afraid that their z150 leather is a thinner version of their comp leather. I have seen some examples of it being different and nice and others of it being the...
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    Do these leather gloves look like a poor fit?

    Sorry..that fit is terrible
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    Rancourt Dirigo Ranger Mocs, Walnut Latigo, 9.5D

    Worn less than 10 times. The half sock liner has come loose and has been discarded. $50 shipped PP f&f or +3.5%
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    Go Forth Goods Leather Weekender Duffle Bag

    This is a very nice leather duffle bag at a reasonable price. Basically brand new. Made is USA 6oz full grain leather Brass hardware and rivets 10”x20” $125 shipped conus PP f&f or +3.5%
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    Aero Board Racer - Fit Advice

    Yup 2” in sleeves and 1” in body
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    Super Rare Aero Leather jacket kudu half belt (ORIGINAL HERCULES?) PATINA MONSTER!

    What’s the waist and bottom hem measurements? The chest measurement seems a bit small for being a size 40.
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    New Vanson Oxford

    I dyed it black because the jacket was too blue for my taste in the sun. You can see the original color on the inside collar.
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    White’s boots First Ave Oxford, 9.0E

    Sorry, sold
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    Best leather for a lifelong jacket?

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    Benzein & Santalum shoes

    $125 shipped conus PP f&f or +3.5%
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    Benzein & Santalum shoes

    Bump. $200 shipped conus PayPal f&f or +3.5% Keeping the benzein’s but Santalum’s still for sale.
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    Wesco Hendrik, 9.5E, Black Tie Domaine

    A little too snug in the waist area. Worn around 10 times. Modified full gusset tongue to half gusset. Comes with box. Size: 9.5e, mp1339 last Leather: Black Tie Domaine Soles: vibram 700 with 1 less heel lift Height: 4.5-4.75 shaft height, 6in from ground Price: $400 shipped...
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    Footwear to go with our jackets

    I’m always surprised to hear that most guys only go down 1/2 size in length and up a width in Whites. I size down 1 full size and go true width and they still have a lot of volume that I have to fill with an insole.
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    Freewheelers vs. The Real McCoys vs. Vanson Cross Zip Jackets

    If you find 2 Bodie’s in black, let me know as that’s my favorite jacket I’ve seen so far!