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  1. AeroFan_07

    Whites Packer boots 12EE

    Catch & release - too wide, were listed a 12D on ebay. I am checking into a return Good used condition. Looks like ~ 1988 build date. There is one small repair that has been done, please see photo, also note the "leaf" on the sole - it's not a defect and wiped right off. Well broken in, but...
  2. AeroFan_07

    Hardly Davidson FXRG jacket - men's large black leather

    Nice condition, older FXRG "tool" riding jacket. No damage, just normal break in & wear, no bad odors, from smoke & pet free home. Has water resistant zip-in lining that keeps one quite warm when zipped in. Mini cross-zip style, has soft pads in shoulders & elbows of sleeves. Dimensions...
  3. AeroFan_07

    Irish wool messenger cap - Aran Sweater Market

    Very nice wool tweed message cap. Tagged a size "Large" but it's a bit too small for me. I am typically a 7 1/2 - 7 5/8 in most fitted hats. Worn less than 10 minutes - just too tight. $35 shipped CONUS pay Pal F&F
  4. AeroFan_07

    13MM thick Rouge Weight belt - 52" length

    For those who want Only the thickest possible leather in their life... I present a great, new condition Rouge black leather weight belt. 52" long - 41" to middle hole, you probably should wear at least a 36" waist pair of jeans for this belt to fit and work as intended. 4" width, and at least...
  5. AeroFan_07

    Whites 350V Boots 10D brown CXL leather

    Up for sale is a nicely broken in pair of Whites 350V lower-arch 6" tall Size 10D boots. These are pretty standard fit other than being about 0.5 size larger than the tag size. They will get a full conditioning before they are sent, I wanted to photos these as is so you could see the scuffs...
  6. AeroFan_07

    Whites Packer boots newly resoled at White's - 13.5D

    Nice condition boots, fully resoled - and everything below the uppers is brand new. So the uppers are well broken in, the footbed and all lower parts are new - ready for full break-in. Only tried on - never worn otside since re-sole. These are too large for me! These boots have great patina...
  7. AeroFan_07

    Nicks Boots Americana - 12D Black

    Really nice pair of Nick's - just not quite the right fit for me. $325 Shipped in CONUS if bought here - PayPal only https://www.ebay.com/itm/155062419018
  8. AeroFan_07

    Whites Packer Boots 13.5D - Newly resoled by Whites

    Very nicely worn-in pair of White's Packer boots. Full hand lasted, hand bottomed, stich-down constructed boots built to last for decades. Even better as these were just completely re-soled at White's - which includes a lot more than just the mini-Vibram sole itself. See photos for details...
  9. AeroFan_07

    Whites Farmer-Rancher 10" tall boots 11.5B Black

    Nice pair of broken-in Farmer-Rancher boots by White's. Basic black stich-down constructed, hand sole and hand bottomed boots built to last. Mini-Vibram sole. Used only a few times. Asking $200 Shipped CONUS - Pay Pal only Please see photos for condition:
  10. AeroFan_07

    Nates Leather blue bomber Jacket

    Nice dark blue leather bomber jacket. Size Around a 44L - but see dimensions. Catch & release as it's just too long in the torso/back for me. - Quilted lining, warm jacket - Made in USA - Chicago - Tried on/worn only a few times - Snap down collar - 2-way zipper - black finish - Black knit cuffs...
  11. AeroFan_07

    W B Place & Co Deerskin Cafe Racer - 40

    Catch & Release on this very nice, Hartford, Wisconsin USA made Deerskin Cafe Race from the later 60's/early 70's. Very nice Vintage condition - no odors and shows light wear Full Talon zips in excellent working condition Dark Brown deerskin leather Fully broken in, with quilted lining - that...
  12. AeroFan_07

    Aero 4-pocket Cafe Racer - Steerhide 42

    Catch & Release on a beautiful, nicely broken in Aero Cafe Racer. Very rich, thick & grainy Horween CX Steerhide with a nice contrasting Lightweight Wool Tartan lining. Has nice teacore showing around edges and at wearing points. Smells wonderful - nice CXL aroma. No inside pockets. Brass...
  13. AeroFan_07

    Cordovan leather jackets - what do you really think?

    This is a question I've been wrestling with for quite some time now. The color of Cordovan, which is a dark red to brick-red/brown and nearly anywhere in-between, is such a difficult color to "pin down" as to what it is and how it's perceived. I personally love the color of cordovan...
  14. AeroFan_07

    Aero Route 66 - 44 - Cordovan

    Tough sale here, but it's just not getting much wearing time. Very nice pre-owned "Route 66" by Aero, modified slightly with upper zippered pocket was deleted when the jacket was built. Purchased by me from the original owner, this very nice jacket features the following: HQHH CXL Horween...
  15. AeroFan_07

    Just Leather jackets -

    So this thread is to serve a few purposes - one to chronicle a jacket I "just" received that is a surprise hit. Second is to give a place of information of this company - Just Leather out of San Jose, CA. From all I can find, the company is gone now. And if you happen to own a "Just Leather"...
  16. AeroFan_07

    End of life report - Ecco GoreTex boots

    An unusual thread for FL - a complete failure of a product has occurred. However in this case the product is 16 years old. These Ecco hiking boots - Model unknown, tags have long since fallen out and are gone - I purchased new at the end of 2005. At the time they were around $165, so a pretty...
  17. AeroFan_07

    Gibson & Barnes Goatskin Crosszip 46/L

    Cath & release here with a really sharp made in California Gibson & Barnes Police style crosszip - motorcycle jacket. Not heavy, about 5.5 lbs, but well constructed, well broken in, comfortable to wear, just too short for me. There is evidence of patches that have been remove at the uppers of...
  18. AeroFan_07

    What is this Aero?

    *Update* - this is a Route 66 - maybe we should call this the Aero Route 66 Thread. So I stumbled across this Cordovan "size 44" Aero a week or two back on ebay. Original owner was selling it, with dimensions but rather few details. Apparently is 3-5 years old now. It is FQHH in Cordovan...
  19. AeroFan_07

    Whites Boots Farmer-Rancher black 11A/10.5AA

    Here is a confusing pair of White's Farmer-Rancher boots, that are "tried on new" with detached tags & black nylon laces, but no original box. Catch & release on this from ebay, details were scarce on original ad, so I will try to provide as much detail here as I can. $275 Shipped CONUS - Pay...
  20. AeroFan_07

    Branded Leather Crosszip - "46" but 42L of fit

    Up for sale is a heavy, "naked" leather Branded Crosszip jacket. Received today, for sale today. The Pit to Pit is only 22.5" on this, so please check the listed measurements closely and compare to a jacket that fits you well. Sleeves & back on this jacket are long. The Good: Nice longer...

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