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  1. J

    Vanson Zirconian Leather

    Does anyone have any recent experience with Vanson’s Zirconian (Z150) leather? I’m thinking of purchasing their Royale Enfield but am afraid that their z150 leather is a thinner version of their comp leather. I have seen some examples of it being different and nice and others of it being the...
  2. J

    Rancourt Dirigo Ranger Mocs, Walnut Latigo, 9.5D

    Worn less than 10 times. The half sock liner has come loose and has been discarded. $50 shipped PP f&f or +3.5%
  3. J

    Go Forth Goods Leather Weekender Duffle Bag

    This is a very nice leather duffle bag at a reasonable price. Basically brand new. Made is USA 6oz full grain leather Brass hardware and rivets 10”x20” $125 shipped conus PP f&f or +3.5%
  4. J

    Wesco Hendrik, 9.5E, Black Tie Domaine

    A little too snug in the waist area. Worn around 10 times. Modified full gusset tongue to half gusset. Comes with box. Size: 9.5e, mp1339 last Leather: Black Tie Domaine Soles: vibram 700 with 1 less heel lift Height: 4.5-4.75 shaft height, 6in from ground Price: $400 shipped...
  5. J

    Benzein & Santalum shoes

    Both are size 42.5 and fit like an 9 1/2 E. The santalum has more volume in the forefoot area than the benzein. I’m a 10e brannock with low volume feet and these fit well with an insole inserted with DT light cushion socks. Both worn about 10 times each and in excellent condition. The...
  6. J

    Dyed Vanson Jacket Black

    I recently dyed my blue bainbridge Vanson Oxford black using fiebings alcohol based USMC black dye. I first cleaned the jacket using their deglazer then applied the dye. Jacket dyed pretty uniformly and hasn’t bled after the first day. You can see the original color on the inside facings as I...
  7. J

    Vanson Oxford Dark Hickory Vancouver

    I received another great jacket from Carrie in their dark hickory Vancouver. I chose the half cuff sleeves instead of zips which originally came too long and wide in the sleeves. Carrie shortened and narrowed the sleeves and it came out great! This leather is definitely more grainy yet much...
  8. J

    Aero Hercules Dark maple Bainbridge, 38

    Unfortunately, I have to let this go as Vanson jackets are a lot more comfortable for me to wear. In excellent condition. Worn under 20 times. I’m 5’9” 165lbs for reference. $750 shipped US PayPal F&F or +3.5% p2p: 22.5 Back: 25.5 Shoulder: 17.5 Sleeve (straight down): 25 Bottom hem: 19.75
  9. J

    White’s Boots Semi Dress Brown CXL 9EE

    Stock model on 55last worn less than 10 times. Unfortunately, it is just to wide for my feet. I would say this should fit a brannock 10EE depending on how your foot is shaped. Plenty of volume in ball and toe area. $375 shipped conus PayPal f&f or +3.5%
  10. J

    Vanson Oxford Comp leather, Size 40

    I’ve lost too much weight and have a size 38 that fits better. Worn for one season and in great shape. I did remove the zippers from the hand warmer pockets and cut the wrist gusset (langlitz style). Has quilted insulated liner. Weighs about 5.75lbs. P2P: 23 Shoulder: 18.5 Hem: 20 Sleeves...
  11. J

    Flame Panda brown boots, 9.5e

    Unfortunately these boots are a little too tight for me when wearing mid weight boot socks. I also prefer a 5 vs 6in boot height. Only worn once outside for less than an hour. I’m a 10e brannock and usually wear 9.5e in most heritage boots and 9ee in whites semi dress. specs: Italian veg...
  12. J

    White’s boots First Ave Oxford, 9.0E

    Unfortunately my foot just doesn’t fit right in White’s MP/Modified Barrie last. I’m a 10E brannock with low instep, wide ball, and narrow heels. Ball fits well but my toes are cramped and the heel is a little loose. This last is long and is equivalent to 9.5 in length compared to most...
  13. J

    Which Indo bookmaker to choose?

    Anyone have experience with which Indonesian boot maker uses leather in the 5-6oz range? I have a pair from Benzeins and while very well made, it seems that all the leathers he uses is in the 4oz range and completely lined. It appears that all the makers, except for Onderhoud (hard to get in...
  14. J

    Randolph Engineering P3 Shadow sunglasses

    Randolph P3 Shadow, Skull Temple, 49mm (smaller lens) Skytec American Gray glass lenses, matte black frame, Non polarized. Catch and release bc size is too small for my face. Purchased directly from RE. $125 shipped in US PayPal F&F or +3.5%
  15. J

    Bob Dong Heavy Flannel Shirt

    13.5oz cotton, worn and washed once. Labeled XL but runs small. Please see measurements. Chest: 44 Back length: 28 Shoulder: 18.75 $50 shipped in US PayPal F&F or +3.5%
  16. J

    Something stuck between leather and liner in shoes.

    I received my White’s Boots First Ave shoes today after a 3 month wait and to my dismay found something hard and round stuck between the leather and liner in the vamp. I don’t know if it’s a pebble or a hardened glob of glue. I can feel it with my fingers on the inside but not while wearing...
  17. J

    Five Star Goatskin Half-belt

    Barely worn custom veg tanned seal goatskin half-belt. Unfortunately, I ordered the sleeves and shoulder about an inch short. The leather is pretty thin (no more than 2oz) with the jacket weighing 3lb. I also had to reposition the button on the cuff to make a smaller opening. Paid $400 and...
  18. J

    Ship John Black Wills, M

    Jacket is in excellent condition and has been worn only 3 times. Excellent workmanship but I just prefer a lined jacket. 18oz pre and 24oz post wax. $475 shipped PayPal F&F or +3.5%
  19. J

    WW2 Reproduction Vintage US Navy Denim Chambray Work Shirt

    Size is China XL. Brand new purchased on Aliexpress. Pretty good quality for the price. Unfortunately, there were 2 specification charts under the listing and I read the wrong one. Below is the correct spec chart. $25 shipped PayPal F&F Or +3.5%
  20. J

    Ship John Black Goatskin Wills Jacket, Med long

    Jacket is just too long for me. Purchased from forum member for $1000 and looking to get $900 for it shipped. There is some light indigo staining in the armpit area from I’m assuming one of the previous owners wearing raw denim shirts. The white cotton lining doesn’t help with concealing...

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