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  1. ksozay

    Fine Creek Leon custom 2mm, Size 42, $1500

    I have two of these. Might want a 3rd... Such a great jacket!
  2. ksozay

    FS: Leather Trucker / Type-3 Jacket, XL-XXL, Made in Italy

    @EdwardABC make Monitor throw in the leather pants!! :) Monitor is a good dude and he will treat you well with the sale.
  3. ksozay

    Vanson X Butterscotch Lb Thruxton Size M

    Free bump because I have this jacket in dark navy and it's AMAZING. The leather is soft and super easy to wear. Exceptionally comfortable and has a slim modern fit. Great price on a great jacket!
  4. ksozay

    FS: Leather Trucker / Type-3 Jacket, XL-XXL, Made in Italy

    Is this from Chrome Hearts!? :)
  5. ksozay

    Iron Heart Japanese HH Rider (L) fits like 42

    Hey TM, I'm up for purchasing, if you are up for shipping to the states! I love this jacket and promise to give you first dibs to purchase it back, if you end up with seller's remorse. KS
  6. ksozay

    Real McCoys J-24, Thedi, and Fine Creek Gardner

    Sending PM on the Thedi
  7. ksozay

    FS: RMC Buco J-100 Size 36

    Love this jacket! Great quality, great price!
  8. ksozay

    Fine Creek Leathers - Leon The Nostar - 44

    I have both the Custom and Nostar version of this jacket and love it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  9. ksozay

    Fine Creek Leathers Douglas Horsehide 40

    This is a great jacket at an incredible price. I have the "Bud" version of this jacket, with the black body and tan arms. I love it. It's not a jacket I thought would be easy to wear, take out to dinner, etc. But it's easily one of the most comfortable and versatile leather jackets I own. Ton...
  10. ksozay


    Please let me know if you end up wanting to sell.
  11. ksozay

    A Bravestar Sherpa, Polo wool and Canadian Cowhican all walk into a bar…

    You're consolidating in attempt to make a big move into Chrome Hearts. I KNEW IT!
  12. ksozay

    Lost Worlds PJ27

    +1 As Mysteryo said, this is an amazing pattern from LW. I was a bit skeptical when ordering it, but have never regretted since I've owned. This is one of Stuart's best jackets, IMHO
  13. ksozay

    Iron Heart Overdyed CPO L/40

    So excited! :)
  14. ksozay

    Aero Buco Board Racer Midnight Blue CXL 46

    Great jacket and great deal! I've got one in blue, love it!
  15. ksozay

    Iron Heart Overdyed CPO L/40

    Sent PM!
  16. ksozay

    Iron Heart Japanese HH Rider (L) fits like 42

    So SOOOO TEMPTING. This jacket is exactly my size and one I've been after for a long time.
  17. ksozay

    FS: Lewis horsehide Lightning 44

  18. ksozay

    Fine Creek Richmond size 46

    Thank goodness. I couldn't handle the heartbreak of watching you lowering the price daily. :) Such a great jacket! I love it.

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