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    Cost to make a pair of Goodyear-welted shoes

    you are assuming that all goodyear is done to the same level of perfection. In fact, the quality of the goodyear welting varies quite a bit. Factor in materials used (the difference in low cot leather & the good stuff), and the prices will vary greatly, regardless of the cost of the "brand"...
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    Show us your SHOES !!!

    Styleforum don't know vintage shoes! LOL. The style first came out (as far back as I can find) in the late 1930's. Some popularity in the 40's & 50's.
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    Spectator Shoes

    SBG is a PRO!
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    Spectator Shoes

    No idea what this means. The sole should be totally flat. The toe is sticking up a bid, that is called "toe spring" and is a sign of a poorly constructed shoe.
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    Wearing used shoes?

    NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! NEVER have vintage shoes re-soled using any methods that mess with that welt!! Even excellent shoemen have a very hard time putting the threads thru the EXACT smae spots as originally done... and even then the job often doesn't look clean. ALSO, older shoes have a tendency to...
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    Button Boots Anyone

    "Made in Pakistan"???? I'd do more research before I dump $200 on them.
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    Church's Spectator Shoes

    Church Custom Grade = Made in England Church Prima Classe = Made in Italy & outsourced to a factory
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    Spectator Shoes

    not in that pair.
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    Spectator Shoes

    They are made of plastic, not leather. No product will moisturize or save them. The permanent creasing in patent is as bad as it gets.
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    Italian shoes

    Price range is important to start with. If you need them to be brand new, then you will pay for top quality. Santoni is my favorite Italian mainstream maker. The problem is that the quality (and styling) varies a LOT from line to line. The top line, "Limited Edition" is sublime and among the...
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    FS Johnston and Murphy Chukka

    Yes, this! No one will be interested without at least pics. also, 9 1/2 what?? D width?
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    English Walkers (Shoes)

    Actually, not so popular. Another US factory project, and this one tried to capitalize on the 1960's UK craze for music and fashions. Aside from that, they made copies of the styles the major makers did (gunboats, etc)
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    Show us your SHOES !!!

    Nope. Common boot from the era.
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    Show us your SHOES !!!

    They are not "officer's boots", but rather some nice, likely veldtshcoen boots. Very watertight and sturdy.
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    English Walkers (Shoes)

    actually, English Walkers & British Walkers are 2 different brands. British Walkers was much more successful in their run. Why are you looking for such a specific brand? they had no special make-ups or unique shoes to speak of. They made Florsheim style shoes.
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    Square-toed Engineer Boots?

    why square toe? Look for Italian shoemakers. They sold a LOT of square toes in the 80's thru early 00's. Cheap now because of the shape, but some are very high quality.
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    Help dating Florsheim Shoes

    LOL. that site has a LOT of mis-information. Start with this... "Florsheim Imperial shoes run true to size but since they are handmade, there is some variance especially in the 1960s models." NOPE! Not "handmade" in the 50's or later, and only certain models were in 40's and earlier. That's...
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    Selling vintage Captoes Shoes, size 10 US

    a pretty total lack of info here. lol.
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    Show us your SHOES !!!

    That is essentially "suede/ nubuck paint" on there. Gonna be a lot of work to get it off. good luck.
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    Show us your SHOES !!!

    Absolutely not US made shoes. That footbed is more modern, and that "real leather soles" stamp on the sole is a dead giveaway. "Real leather Soles" was not a selling point until decades later. IE: 60's or 70's.

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