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  1. scotrace

    Suspicious members Cttullamore and robbenfred50

    Thank you for the heads up. Both members have been given a refund of dues and shown the door.
  2. scotrace

    Read this before posting here!

    New members: Please take the time to learn, comment and participate in the open forums before offering things for sale. We are far more than just a classified sale site and will remove the postings of thos who use us to hawk their stuff and nothing more. Taking the time to get to know other...
  3. scotrace

    We prefer that new members contribute to the forum in some way and not just use the board for...

    We prefer that new members contribute to the forum in some way and not just use the board for selling things. Please don;t usr the "report" function to tell us something is sold.
  4. scotrace

    Longtime member Dan Hermann (DHermann1) has passed.

    Fedora Lounge members who have been here from early days will mourn the passing of Dan Hermann, once a very active poster here and with a broad knowledge of all the things we love here. On a long-anticipated vcation to London last week, Dan became unwell and was suffering from dehydration. His...
  5. scotrace

    Vintage Baby and Children's Clothing Collectors?

    In going though my mother's cedar chest recently, I found that she had saved dozens of pairs of white leather children's shoes from the late 40s through the early 60s. They were all quite worn and hard as rocks. There were also dresses worn by my sister in around 1949, a sailor suit my brother...
  6. scotrace

    What Do You Wear In Really Cold Weather?

    Stay off politics or get out.
  7. scotrace

    Original Indian Motorcycle Jackets

    Thanks for starting this thread. Excellent information.
  8. scotrace

    Ask a question, get an answer

    Can anyone give this new member a helping hand?
  9. scotrace

    Buyer Beware. Use Common Sense.

    I think these are members who solicit via private messages.
  10. scotrace

    Buyer Beware. Use Common Sense.

    We do our best to filter out the baddies before they get here, and we approve members one at a time manually every day to accomplish that. But lately we've had a few brand new members who appeared legit at signup looking for members who express an interest in buying something, then contact them...
  11. scotrace

    A question about high-waisted trousers

    I am betting that you, Big Brother, much like me, have nothing in the way of hips. I have always had the same problem keeping anything but jeans/belt up securely, and even then I'm tugging them up all day. I also have no butt to speak of. There's just nothing for pants to hold onto. The braces...
  12. scotrace

    Let's write a story together...........

    Or: https://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/het-gang-lets-write-a-story-together.3076/ Or even: https://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/lets-tell-a-story.59530/
  13. scotrace

    wash your jeans?

    My experience has been to order them the correct waist size and add several inches to the length. The waist shrinks only slightly and stretches back to the right size within an hour or so of wearing them again. I wish I'd added more length because I prefer a cuff, but there's no extra fabric for...
  14. scotrace

    wash your jeans?

    I picked up some shrink to fit Levi 501 last month and just washed them for the first time. I'm getting some nice crease fade. When I first put them on my wife laughed. "Those are way too big." They were 4" too long and needed double cuffing, the legs were wide and the butt sagged. Now, they...
  15. scotrace

    Apps to look back on

    Can you explain what you are looking for a little more clearly?
  16. scotrace

    Is my Aero Jacket Real?? What is the model??

    If you decide to sell it here, Chase Black, be sure to open a proper thread in the classified section.
  17. scotrace

    Walter Winchell—Songwriter?

    The day after I started this thread, a copy of the record popped up on eBay and I won it for less than $10, my general limit price for buying 78s no matter how scarce. I have it and it sounds great, in much better shape than the seller indicated. I'm a big fan of Red Nichols sides from this...
  18. scotrace

    Walter Winchell—Songwriter?

    Thanks for the background, Lizzie. I knew you'd be able to help. It is a great record. I have a nice digital transfer but I'd like to have the real thing, pops and all. I don't know who did the vocals. I'm beginning to think it was Nichols himself. And I don't get why the title is also in a...
  19. scotrace

    Covid Vaccine

    This is really not the place for this discussion, which is sure to be heated and political.