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    Aero leather FQHH Half Belt Size 42 Black

    Bump with a reduction to £375 Lots of eBay feedback and if you're in the U.K I also have good feedback on the TZ-UK swiss watch forums and also Overclockers PC forum.
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    Fit check Aero Premier Highwayman

    Jacket looks perfect but we don't know if you kept it or sent it back. We also never made it to page 10. Holy thread revival. Update pics required.
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    Hookless Zipper Hell

    You could try Dobbs Leathers. Well regarded on uk forums. Although the website is horrendous http://www.dobbsleathers.co.uk
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    Dyed Vanson Jacket Black

    That's the problem. USMC is definitely a deeper black but never stops rubbing off. The pro die stays fast but blue/purple undertones :(
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    Dyed Vanson Jacket Black

    I purchased some feibings pro black oil dye a couple of weeks ago. The intention was to touch up certain areas of my Sam walker jacket. I found it to have a very blue/violet shade to it that looked nothing like the deep black original finish. I was left disappointed as I didn't want to dye the...
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    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Time to start taming this beast
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    Aero leather FQHH Half Belt Size 42 Black

    Hi Guys, I picked up this jacket last week from eBay but the seller listed it with incorrect sizing. Unfortunately it's too big for me. Just looking to get my money back on it. It's pretty broken in. Starting to show some nice brown patina in high contact areas. No rips or holes. £400...
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    Kelso or Himel Wait Times, Lost Worlds Tanning

    Thanks. I wondered how you done that lol. I don't think he's accepting PM's or I'm doing something wrong.
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    Kelso or Himel Wait Times, Lost Worlds Tanning

    Hey logician. Do you still have the green suburban. Would you be interested in selling it?
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    What do you do for Living?

    Lithographic printer
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    My two new Lost Worlds jackets

    Ditto that. Jacket looks great. Trying to find one myself but tricky to find smaller sizes.