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  1. ksozay

    WTB - Thedi Shawl/Aero A-2

    Good evening, UPDATED TO INCLUDE THE CORRECT JACKET (i.e. A1 and not A2). Yearly request - looking for a Thedi Shawl in a M or L. I figure at some point I will find one. :) Also looking for an Aero A1 in blackened tan with buttons. Size 40-42 depending on measurements. 38 may also work in...
  2. ksozay

    WTB - Thedi Shawl - 40/42

    It's that time of the year where I send out the usual shot in the dark to see if someone has a Thedi Shawl in need of a new home. :) Preferably looking for black or dark brown. Looking for 40-42 but possibly larger depending on fit.
  3. ksozay

    WTB - Thedi Shawl

    Tossing this hail mary before I send all my money to Carrie... I've decided that I need to order a custom Thedi through Carrie. I'd ALSO like to get a Shawl. So hoping someone might have one for sale that I can pick up. Looking for M or L
  4. ksozay

    WTB - Real McCoy J100/Iron Heart CR Leather

    Looking for either of these jackets in a 40-44 depending on measurements!
  5. ksozay

    FS - Aero D Pocket Perfecto

    For sale - Aero D Pocket Perfecto size 40. Leather in in excellent condition, great patina, no issues. Liner is in great shape, no issues or odd smells. Everything is original and in great working condition. $500 for TFL, shipping in CONUS included. Tomorrow will be posted on eBay. Chest...
  6. ksozay

    WTB - Iron Heart Cafe Racer

    Long shot but thought I'd post... Looking for an IH Leather Cafe Racer. Size varies depending on cut so 40-44.
  7. ksozay

    FS - Rich Sher Horsehide Perfecto

    This jacket is all original with everything present and in good working order. There are a few issues with the jacket that will need some repair work but the jacket is perfectly wearable, as is. Main zip is in great condition, no issues with the zipper tape or mechanics. All zipper pulls are...
  8. ksozay

    FS - Navy British Cycle Leathers Cafe Racer

    Selling a navy British Cycle Leathers Cafe Racer in a tagged size 38. British Cycle Leathers makes a great CR, leather is medium weight and has good thickness. This jacket is from the 60s before they changed to Brimaco in the 70s. Jacket is all original, all labels present, zippers in...
  9. ksozay

    FS - Lewis Leathers Jacket

    Not sure of the model but this is a vintage Lewis Leathers jacket in a tagged size 38. Everything is in great working condition, all original. Leather is in great condition, as is the liner. No odd smells, etc. Jacket has very small nick on one arm that I’ve posted a photo of. This is a...
  10. ksozay

    FS - Fine Creek Leather "Bud" Jacket

    First one to claim it, gets it. Purchased from Powerband, exactly as he described. In like new condition. Original listing: https://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/fine-creek-co-%E2%80%9Cbud-leather-jacket%E2%80%9D.98872/ Love the jacket but ended up being too small through the chest for me...
  11. ksozay

    FS - Denim Jackets (iron Heart/The Flat Head)

    Listing these jackets here first before posting on eBay. 1. Iron Heart 526SBG size 38 Great condition, not worn much. Everything in good working order, no strange smells or odd issues. $300 includes shipping within CONUS 2. Iron Heart 526L Size 38 Great shape. Excellent color depth coming...
  12. ksozay

    FS - Aero Ridley

    Recently purchased from another forum member - original post here: https://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/fs-aero-ridley-blackened-brown-vincenza-42.98473/ Love this jacket, but looking to grab another jacket that caught my eye so posting this one up. Everything about this Ridley is amazing...
  13. ksozay

    WTT - Schott Perfecto

    I have a vintage Schott Perfecto in excellent condition. Just a little on the large size for me. Everything is in good working order, all tags appear to be present (size label is worn), all zippers work well. Liner in great shape. No odd smells. Leather is near perfect and has been well cared...
  14. ksozay

    Aero Motorcycle Jacket - Thunder Bay Size 44

    Tweedydon -> Aero Fan -> me. $400 shipped CONUS (will ship internationally at buyers expense). Love this jacket. It's just a size too large. The leather is incredibly soft and the patina is outstanding. Everytime I put it on, I decide it's too comfortable to sell... so I'm not putting it on...
  15. ksozay

    FS - Diamond Dave Buco Repro - Size 44 (fits like 42)

    Another great jacket from the collection. Love this jacket, great tea core hide, excellent condition. Formerly purchased from Mystero for $750. Original post from Mystero - https://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/fs-diamond-dave-buco-j21-steerhide-sz-44.96115/ $650 shipped in CONUS.
  16. ksozay

    FS - Aero Midnight Blue Cafe Racer - Size 40

    Love this jacket, haven't had the chance to wear it much but it's epic. Aero's midnight blue, the batch that looks black but has an emerald undertone to it. Sweetfights -> Guppy -> to me. I purchased for $700 plus shipping. Will sell for $600 + shipping. Jacket is in like new condition...
  17. ksozay

    FS - Lost Worlds J23 Size 44 (Ton's former jacket)

    Good morning, Pre-sale notice as my Father In Law is prepping to post on eBay. Told him I'd give folks here a shot to purchase before he posts. Size 44 Price - $950 shipped in CONUS Will consider international shipping. I purchased this jacket from Ton for my FIL, he loves it. So much so...
  18. ksozay

    FS - Cal-Leather Cafe Racer

    Cal-Leather 6 panel Cafe Racer in horsehide. Giving the Lounge folks first shot before I post to eBay tomorrow. Hate to see this one go, one of my favorite versions and the condition is exceptional. - Everything original and in great working condition. No issue with zippers, liners, etc. -...
  19. ksozay

    Fine Creek Leather

    Thought I’d create a thread for folks interested in this jacket manufacturer from Japan. Virginia Beach Richard Leon the Nostar (my photo taken of my jacket) Leon Custom (my photo take of my jacket) Leon Custom and Nostar Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. ksozay

    FS - Aero Board Racer (Steerhide)

    Originally purchased from Flatcap, Aero Board Racer in brown, size 40, like new condition. STEERHIDE. Leather is exceptionally nice, medium weight, thick. Really great Aero Steer they are well known for. Love this jacket, haven't worn it more than a few times and recent jacket purchases make...