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  1. EmergencyIan

    Usn 1950 N1-2 Civilian Deck Jacket: is this a repro?

    It’s a repro. - Ian
  2. EmergencyIan

    Filson coats - anyone?

    While, I love Filson and the romanticism of it being produced in Seattle. I own the last of their sweaters that’s manufactured in the United States. It’s VERY nice and extremely well made. The other 3 sweaters are made in Scotland. All are very nice, but none as nice or as well made as the first...
  3. EmergencyIan

    Dubbing, Mink Oil, Sno-Seal, etc: The Boot Treatment

    I own the same boots. Anyhow, you only dub roughout boots. It’s completely unnecessary to dub the earlier service “shoe.” ATF has taken the time to really redo the existing boots, with research and a lot of hard work, to where they are much more authentic than before. These must be the most...
  4. EmergencyIan

    Mine are holding up great, and I wear mine to walk around NYC. So, they get a good bit of...

    Mine are holding up great, and I wear mine to walk around NYC. So, they get a good bit of mileage. I think you should wear them around, doing as much as possible in them. At some point, start maintaining them, but after they’re quite broke-in.
  5. EmergencyIan

    Original WWII low boots

    Regardless, you’ll be hard pressed to find 75 plus year-old footwear that is fit to wear as intended. Remember these are rubber soled. Those don’t seem to stand the test of time. The leather upper varies, from what I’ve seen. There are, now, some excellent repros on the market. I’ve had great...
  6. EmergencyIan

    At the front boots

    Their USA made boots are very good! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I own two pair and have had each for over two years with relatively heavy wear in NYC. - Ian
  7. EmergencyIan

    N-1 Deck Jacket Assistance

    I have the Buzz Rickson’s heavy N-1 jacket and it’s very nice. However, it seems to run slightly large. The good news is that History Preservation Associates has measurements for each size of the jacket. Anyhow, if you go for the Buzz heavy N-1, you won’t be disappointed in the quality. Good...
  8. EmergencyIan

    Vintage Mink Oil?

    Very good point! - Ian
  9. EmergencyIan

    Vintage Mink Oil?

    I have had success using mink oil on my Red Wing boots. But, could vintage mink oil be rancid? I don’t know. - Ian
  10. EmergencyIan

    Best Manly Sweater

    Filson pullover crew neck sweaters. The USA made one that I own is heavier than most, if not all, jackets that I own and close to as heavy as some of my coats. It’s like wool chain mail. - Ian
  11. EmergencyIan

    Vintage Hoodie

    I remember the Russell Athletic sweats being very heavy and built like tanks. I was always impressed. I can recall that four decades ago their quality stood out. Now, that level of quality is not to be found. - Ian
  12. EmergencyIan

    Vintage Hoodie

    ^ Yeah, decades ago Champion and even Russell Athletic made really high quality pullover and zip up hoodies or sweat jackets. As far as repros go, I have a very nice Buzz Rickson’s classic gray zip up sweat jacket/hoodie. It’s very nice. - Ian
  13. EmergencyIan

    Questions About the United States Navy Peacoat

    That explains why I was confused by Zen’s post. I don’t have a coat post 1965. So, my pea coats can be buttoned on either side. However, probably like most men, I only button mine with the buttons on the right hand side. - Ian
  14. EmergencyIan

    Alpha Industries M65 Field Jacket

    On eBay, you have to look in vintage clothing and in militaria under collectibles. I can’t beleive that there were only a few with “bullet holes.” What size are you? I’ll look later today. - Ian
  15. EmergencyIan

    Alpha Industries M65 Field Jacket

    Alpha had a government contract and those were very good. Years ago, Alpha’s civilian versions were fine jackets. I have also read that their quality has dropped substantially in recent times. Regarding Cockpit USA, they never had a government contract for M-65 field jackets. - Ian
  16. EmergencyIan

    Alpha Industries M65 Field Jacket

    EBay must have every size of official M-65 field jacket, at least 10 times over. They have your size. If you take the time to look around you’ll find one in your size in unissued/mint (or nearly) condition. Worst case scenario, you may have to look over a few week period to find your size in...
  17. EmergencyIan

    Questions About the United States Navy Peacoat

    Yes, to button down the “flap.” They have rows of buttons on the left and right because they can be button either way. - Ian
  18. EmergencyIan

    Alpha Industries M65 Field Jacket

    Why not just pick up a US made unissued official M-65 field jacket? It’s made better, will last longer, cost less money and is authentic. - Ian
  19. EmergencyIan

    Questions About the United States Navy Peacoat

    Eight (six showing) since just after WWII. - Ian
  20. EmergencyIan

    Questions About the United States Navy Peacoat

    I guess it’s priced too high unless it’s mint or close besides the label. It is Kersey and quite a rare size. So, those facts do make it rare. I just don’t think it’s $200 rare, in my opinion. Though; if you really want a kersey version and you really need it in that rare size, it may be worth...

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