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  1. nattevagten

    Hooch Hauler vs Bootlegger STF

    Is there anyone who has tried both of these models? Are there any difference in sizing? I remember someone saying that Bootlegger STF has wider sleeves, but I couldn’t find the post any more. My usual measurements on a similar cross-zip: 20.75"–21" P2P, 18" shoulders, 18-19" waist. Would either...
  2. nattevagten

    Looking for Aero board racer in size 40

    Looking for an Aero board racer in size 40, preferably in black CXL FQHH. Need to have the following measurements (approximately, at least): waist max 19" shoulders at least 17 3/4" chest 21" sleeve length 25" Thank you.
  3. nattevagten

    Aero Premier 30s HB advice

    Got myself an Aero Premier Range 30s HB in Cordovan CXL FQHH from the sale section. The hide is TERRIFIC, soft and beautiful, the jacket fits well in the shoulders and chest, but the waist is a mess, one or two inches too large (yeah, I know I should have asked them about the waist measurement)...
  4. nattevagten

    Schott Perfecto 618 (size 40) going cheap

    Bought from Japan and presumably from the 90s. In excellent order. The jacket seems to have seen very little use. Overall a very nice jacket if the measurements work for you. The measurements are pretty typical for a size 40 Schott Perfecto, being almost identical to the 'modern' 618. Only...
  5. nattevagten

    WTS: modern Schott One Star Perfecto 613

    Selling a modern Schott 613 in size 38. This was bought new and has seen a little wear over the year. The lining was changed last week and the jacket has not been worn after. Compared to 90s Perfectos, it has much slimmer sleeves and fits quite snug in the shoulders, at least for a size 38...
  6. nattevagten

    Aero CXFQHH Board Racer in size 40

    Up for sale is an FQHH Aero Board Racer in size 40 (fits more like 38 or even 36 due to the cut). The leather is completely broken in and very comfortable and soft, especially in the body. The lining is completely intact and clean, and the zippers work perfectly. There is minor damage to the...
  7. nattevagten

    Looking for a black FQHH Aero Board Racer

    Looking for a black FQHH Board Racer with approximately the following measurements. P2P: around 20.5" Shoulders: around 18". Sleeves should be around 64-65 cm along the curve (at least that's the measurement on my other jackets). Preferably brass zippers. Also considering other colours...
  8. nattevagten

    Gibson/Derby shoes

    The weather's getting warmer, which also means lighter footwear. My current favourite is Solovair, but before getting another pair, I thought I should perhaps consider the alternatives this time. Interested in something a bit more casual, perhaps in the Gaucho Crazy Horse leather, like these...
  9. nattevagten

    Any cafe racer or slimmer half belt offers (size 38)?

    Looking for a jacket with up to a 21" chest and preferably around 18-18,25" shoulders. Thanks!
  10. nattevagten

    Advice on custom Aero (Ridley)

    I'm considering ordering my first jacket from Aero, namely the slim fit version of the Motorcycle Jacket (known as Ridley) and have a question concerning the chest size. My chest measures almost exactly 38" (c. 38.5" when layered) and I'm torn between the sizes 38 and 40 (with 20.5" and 21.5"...
  11. nattevagten

    Anyone selling a brown Schott 618/613 in size 40?

    Looking for something like this, with brass hardware: https://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/schott-perfecto-613ua-motorcycle-jacket-brown-size-40.97635/
  12. nattevagten

    Choice of lining for a cross-zip jacket

    Browsed through several old threads and got some useful advice, but I still feel a bit uncertain which lining to choose. Can anyone recommend a lining that is comfortable in both colder weather (3-5C) and also during summer (c. 17C)? I got the impression that non-insulated lining doesn't work...
  13. nattevagten

    Horsehide Perfecto-style jackets

    Hey I got myself a Schott Perfecto 613 jacket in the autumn and I am now thinking about getting another jacket in a slightly larger size for warmer layers. As the above jacket is made of steerhide, I am considering a horsehide jacket this time. Hence, how does the Schott horsehide compare to...
  14. nattevagten

    Schott Perfecto 613 size 40

    A few weeks old Schott Perfecto 613 in size 40. Bought it in addition to size 38 for layering but discovered over time the smaller size is good enough for me for all purposes. Some creases as expected from wear. No defects. The price is 425 euros, which includes shipping within the EU. Feel...
  15. nattevagten

    HELP needed in getting a Perfecto jacket

    I have been after a Perfecto-style jacket for several years and after trying out, buying, and returning several cheaper jackets, I have pretty much given up. Seems there’s no way around getting a more expensive jacket, such as Schott, etc. So I’ve been eyeing up a new Schott 613, but the...
  16. nattevagten

    second hand Schott Perfectos in Berlin

    First of all, hello. I will be traveling to Berlin soon and was wondering if any of you know any second-hand shops there that would sell Schott Perfectos? I have been after one FOR AGES, but looks like these jackets aren’t that common in Europe and I wouldn’t feel comfortable ordering one...

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