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    FS: Aero Board Racer Black FQHH Vicenza Size 38 - $750

    Up for sale is an Aero Board Racer in black horsehide vicenza size 38 with tartan liner. I can't say enough about how beautiful the vicenza leather on this particular jacket is, as you can see the grain is really popping. I really thought I'd keep this jacket forever but unfortunately I've...
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    FS: Sugar Cane SC80497 Steerhide Sports Jacket (Half belt) - $750

    Hi all, for sale is a beautifully built steerhide Sugar Cane half-belt size 38, same as listed here I believe - https://www.harlem-store.jp/?pid=123470034 I am selling because it is slightly too small for me unfortunately. The jacket has a real nice casual masculine feel to it. The leather...
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    Stitch Fix

    Hi I’ve this stitch on the collar of a jacket that id like to try cleaning up a tad, and I'm just wondering if I should try trimming/cutting it or just leave as is? Has anyone else has experienced something similar? I don’t want to mess with it if it’ll cause any damage, as it's pretty minor...
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    FS: Freewheelers Mulholland // Shinki Vintage Brown // 36

    Up for sale is the legendary Freewheelers Mulholland in a size 36 vintage brown. The Shinki leather on this is luscious and the detailing is immaculate (as you can expect from a Freewheelers jacket). I really struggled with selling this jacket, but for some reason I don't reach for it/wear...
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    Hookless Zipper Mishap!

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had experience with hookless zippers here, and might be able to help me? The other day I zipped up my jacket a bit too quickly, and I guess the teeth were not engaged properly. I basically couldn't pull the zipper down! Luckily, I was able to squirm out of the...
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    FS Johnson Leather Jacket M-200J Horween Vermont Espresso 38

    Up for sale is a Johnson Leather half belt based on the M-200J in Horween Vermont Espresso in a size 38 (Brass hardware, Japanese liner). I believe Alan doesn't have this leather available right now, but a jacket of this type/mods would run around $1000. I'm asking $600 OBO plus shipping, I am...
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    FS: Aero USN M-422A Size 38. Seal Goat

    Up for sale is a trim size 38 Aero M-422A bought direct from Aero a little over a year ago. The jacket comes with a dark brown mouton collar, wool knits, and deep wine rayon satin lining. The leather is a seal goatskin, which I believe is vegetable tanned. It is in like new condition, and...
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    Bad Experience Ordering Direct from Thedi Leathers

    I'd like to preface that I thought the Thedi Leathers designs, and the fit of their designs were interesting, and I still do, but unfortunately I do not think I will ever consider buying a jacket from them again. I also think that my experience might be that one bad one out of a hundred good...
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    Thoughts regarding Canadian leather maker, M0851

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone had any experience or opinions in regards to the Canadian leather company, M0851? I know their jacket styling is more fashion oriented than the jackets usually mentioned here, but I would still love to hear some thoughts if anyone cares to pipe in. I was...
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    FS: Aero M-422A. Seal Goatskin, Size 38

    Hi, I am looking to sell a size 38 Aero M-422A purchased about a year ago. Its in pretty much the same condition as when I purchased it, save some minimal wear (faint creasing in the elbows). Looking for $700 plus shipping. Some pictures of it here - http://goo.gl/fJLNDX Please let me know if...

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